Spiderman mtv2
Real Name Shikata
Powers and Abilities Martial Arts
Magical Sword

Shikata was a highly skilled assassin.


She was assigned to capture Spider-Man, but quickly gained respect for him in their first fight. Feeling such a fate would be too dishonorable for so worthy an opponent, she changed her objective to a fight to the death. A woman of integrity, she returns her employer's payment and informs him that she cannot uphold their agreement. Worried about reprisal from the law, he orders his men to silence her through murder. They cornered her in an alley way, but in spite of superior numbers, she was able to hold her own. After being rescued by Spider-Man (who wanted to talk her out of the death match), she returns to her employer to exact revenge. Mary Jane, having a previous appointment with the man on an unrelated matter, stumbles across the dead body and witnesses Shikata performing a de-aging ritual with her sword.

Shikata then returns to the streets to attract Spider-Man's attention and force him into a duel. For the first half of the fight, Shikata doesn't use her telekinesis and Spider-Man subdues and binds her. After this point, she uses her telekinesis freely to break out. Mary Jane runs into this scene on her way to the police station and yells out to him. When Spider-Man responds to her personally, Shikata's subordinate takes her as a hostage and Shikata breaks free, telling him if he doesn't fight to the death, the bystander will die. The fight resumes and Shikata uses her telekinesis offensively, but Spider-Man forces her to redraw her sword and engage in close-range combat. He purposefully takes a hit to the shoulder to disarm her. At this point, Mary Jane uses pepper spray to break out of the henchman's hold and tells Spider-Man Shikata's weakness. Unfortunately, Shikata's still keeping him occupied, so Mary Jane retrieves it herself and attempts to break it against a street lamp post. She only succeeds in getting Shikata's attention and she uses telekinesis to call the sword back to her. Spider-Man intercepts it in mid-flight and snaps it in half. Recognizing her loss, she bows before aging into an old woman and painfully vanishing in a flash of light.


Shikata was voiced by Gina Gershon.

Like most original characters on the series, Shikata is based on Elektra, although she is identified as "Mantis" in the liner notes of the DVD release.

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