Real Name Jennifer Walters
Alternate Identity She-Hulk
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Avengers
Fashion Warriors
Allies Hulk
Grey Hulk
Fantastic Four
Family and Friends Cliff Walters (Father)
Mrs. Walters (Mother)
Bruce Banner (Cousin)

She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters, is Bruce Banner’s cousin and ally to the Hulk.


When they were children, Jennifer and Bruce were good friends. However, he disappeared after the Gamma Bomb accident. She went to school to become a lawyer.

When Bruce, while on the run, came to her, she was captured by Doctor Doom looking to capture Hulk. She was transformed into She-Hulk after a blood transfusion from her cousin gamma-irradiated her blood. With her super strength, good looks and a new found confidence in herself, she traveled to New York City with Bruce, as he searched for a cure for the both of them. After attempting to woo the Thing, she realized that he still loved Alicia Masters. She also realized that someone like her couldn’t accompany Banner on his quest for a cure, as her appearance made it too difficult for him to stay hidden. She returned to Washington, D.C. and continued to practice law.

She didn’t see Bruce again until she represented him in court. After helping Hulk defeat Leader and Gargoyle, she decided to accompany him for his search for a cure, and the two went on the road, together.

At some point she joined the Avengers. She assisted the team and worked with Captain America when Ego's destructive force damaged the planet. She also helped Iron Man, Hercules, and the Inhuman Crystal stop Doom when he stole the power of Silver Surfer.


She-Hulk was voiced by Lisa Zane in season one and Cree Summer in season two of The Incredible Hulk. She was unvoiced in Fantastic Four.

For the second season, her designed was changed to make her muscles less bulky and more feminine though this was not always consistent. In the Fantastic Four, however, she appears to be bulky.

Physical Appearance

Like her namesake, She-Hulk possesses green skin and hair and a more physical build. In her debut appearance, she is seen wearing purple shorts and top, much like her original comic appearance.

In season 2, she is usually seen in what appears to be black underwear.

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