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Real Name Shard
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Bishop (Brother)

Shard is a mutant from the future of New York in 2055 AD. She became a time traveller alongside her brother Bishop.


Bishop and Shard traveled to the present day in order to get the X-Men's help to stop Fitzroy from killing Charles Xavier further in the past and stopping his dream for peace between humans and mutants. However, they arrived to a timeline altered by Fitzroy's actions where humans and mutants were at war. They took Wolverine and Storm with them as they jumped to the past.

After failing to save Xavier, they all returned to a 2055 dominated by Master Mold, even more than in their original timeline. Shard had to be left behind and was presumed dead.

Shard either survived or was revived when the timeline was restored, as she was awaiting Bishop's return when it was interrupted by Apocalypse time traveling. She went back in time to get the X-Men's help.


Shard was voiced by Kay Tremblay.

Currently the only animated version of the character.

In the Comics

Her full name is Shard Bishop.

Is a member of a group called the Xavier Security Enforcers.

Her mutant ability is absorbing ambient light and converting it into deadly attacks.

The "M" tattoo on her face stands for "Mutant." She and Bishop received the tattoo as identification at a Mutant Relocation camp.

She was killed in action even before Bishop first went into the past. Her mind survived in a hologram, but her brother only saw her as a copy of the "real" Shard. Eventually she was reconstructed as a computer construct, joined X-Factor, and began a relationship with Wildchild.

She gained a holographic proton form giving her the ability of intangibility.

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