Shadow Priesthood
Members Hiroim
Other Sakaar Natives
Shadow Priesthood is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
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The Shadow Priesthood is a group of natives of Sakaar. They have dedicated themselves to the study of the Sakaarson and Worldbreaker. The group initially believed that Red King was the Sakaarson as he and the Death's Head Guards saved the people from the Spikes during the Spike Wars. Priest Hiroim did not follow their lead and spoke out against Red King. He left the priesthood and eventually was forced into the gladiator games. Later, a Prophet agreed and prayed at Prophet Rock that the real Sakaarson would arrive, the very day that Hulk crashed in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Space Shuttle. Hiroim believed that Hulk was the Sakaarson since his blood caused plants to grow. Eventually, the villainy of Red King was exposed and he was killed. Hulk and Caiera came into power and Hiroim rejoined the priesthood.


In the comics Hiroim was expelled from the Shadow Priests for believing that he could be the Sakaarson. He was later sold into slavery when refused to obey the Emperor who ordered him to kill Red Prince.

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