Shadow King
Shadow King (W&TXM)
Real Name Amahl Farouk
Alternate Identity Shadow King
Powers and Abilities Powerful Psychic, Able to possess bodies, Astral projection
Allies Ororo Munroe (Former)
Shadow King is from the Non MAU series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Shadow King is a powerful psychic mutant. It is the name used by the spirit formerly known as Amahl Farouk.


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Amahl Farouk used a young Ororo Munroe to steal for him. She eventually caught the attention of Charles Xavier who fought Amahl and sent his soul to the astral plane. Ororo became the X-Man Storm.

Amahl, as the Shadow King, spent the years traveling across Africa to find her. He eventually did and possessed her. He convinced her that Africa was burning and she needed to put it out. She created a giant storm but the X-Men came to stop her. Thanks to Emma Frost they were able to free her and destroy Shadow King since he did not have a body to live off.

Alternate Future

In the alternate Days of Future Past timeline, Shadow King was successful and Storm destroyed Africa leaving it an uninhabitable wasteland.


Shadow King was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

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