Sentinel Prowler
Sentinel Prowler.PNG
Real Name Sentinel Prowler
Powers and Abilities Wide Variety of Tools to Combat Mutants
Team Affiliations Mutant Response Division
United States Government
Allies Bolivar Trask
Warren Worthington II
Robert Kelly
Family and Friends Master Mold (Creator)
Sentinel (Descendent)
Sentinel Tracker (Descendent)
Sentinel Prowler is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

A Sentinel Prowler is an early model for the Sentinel series. They are designed to combat mutants.


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Sentinel Prowlers resemble large spiders and have a variety of weapons designed to deal with various mutants.


Sentinel Prowlers were commissioned by Senator Robert Kelly who feared attacks by mutants.

They were built by Bolivar Trask and the Mutant Response Division. They demonstrated one at a park, but it activated and attacked Rogue. Angel arrived and distracted it until Beast and Wolverine appeared and destroyed the model.

The Prowlers continued to see service.

Alternate Version

In a dystopian future, Prowlers helped to take over the planet under the guidance of Master Mold.


Prowlers were created specifically for the series. While early Sentinel models in the comics were relatively small, they were humanoid like the ones commonly known.

The Prowlers resemble Spider-Slayers.

The producers of Wolverine and the X-Men decided to go with these as an early model as they did not believe that people in real life would easily accept the larger humanoids at first. They wanted to show a progression with the Sentinels and escalation of tensions.

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