Scorpion (Spider-Man (1967))
Alternate Identity Jameson's secret weapon
Powers and Abilities Superhuman strength
Family and Friends Farley Stillwell (Creator)
Scorpion is from the Non MAU series, Spider-Man.

Scorpion is a supervillain.


After J. Jonah Jameson paid Dr. Farley Stillwell to create a super-human powerful enough to defeat Spider-Man, Stillwell created Scorpion. When Scorpion first fought Spider-Man he was able to defeat him. However, upon further study, Stillwell discovered that a side effect of the process that gave Scorpion his powers was that he also became much more hostile. Stillwell then warned Jameson that Scorpion might come after him. Scorpion did go after Jameson but he was stopped by Spider-Man and subsequently arrested. Scorpion was able to escape prison shortly after being arrested and planned to get revenge on Spider-Man and Jameson. Scorpion once again tried to kill Jameson. However, he was captured by Spider-Man and sent back to prison.

Scorpion later broke out of prison to get revenge on J. Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man. However, during Scorpion's time in prison the strength he gained from Stillwell's formula wore off so he went to Stillwell's laboratory to get more. When Scorpion arrived at the laboratory, he drank an unknown chemical. This chemical returned Scorpion's super-strength. However, it also caused Scorpion to grow twenty feet tall. Scorpion then kidnapped Jameson. Spider-Man was able to save Jameson and administer a serum to Scorpion which caused him to shrink to his normal height. Scorpion was then captured by Spider-Man and returned to prison.


Voiced by Carl Banas.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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