Real Name Karl Lykos
Alternate Identity Sauron
Powers and Abilities Life Absorption, Flight, Enhanced Strength and Durability, Hypnosis
Team Affiliations Savage Land Mutates
Allies Ka-Zar

Karl Lykos is a man living in the Savage Land who was mutated into a dinosaur-like creature named Sauron.


The early history of Lykos is unknown. He apparently knew Ka-Zar.

At some point, Mister Sinister experimented on Lykos. Lykos was then forced to absorb the life energy of others but this turned him into a large humanoid Pterodactyl-like creature if he absorbed a mutant. However, Lykos' personality was overwhelmed by the other personality, calling himself Sauron.

He came into contact with Magneto before the mutant leader left the Savage Land.

When Sinister brought Magneto and Charles Xavier to the Savage Land, Sauron attacked the two.

Eventually, Sauron was manipulated into turning back into Lykos. However, he was being manipulated by Zaladane and Garokk. They wanted him to bring the X-Man Storm to help unleash Garokk. Eventually the two were defeated and the mutants left the Savage Land.

With no mutants to tempt him to return to Sauron, Lykos was free to live in peace. He then joined Ka-Zar in his tribe.


Sauron was voiced by Robert Bockstael who also voiced Ka-Zar and Pip on Silver Surfer.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Lykos did not come from the Savage Land. He was the son of an explorer who accompanied his father to guide a scientist named Anderssen and his daughter Tanya. He was bitten by mutant pterodactyls and then became an "energy-vampire."

At first became a therapist who used his hypnotic powers to steal energies. He became a college to Professor Xavier and tried to absorb Havok. That was when he turned into the pterodactyl-like creature.

Also has fire breath and a sonic scream.

After trying to kill himself to avoid hurting Tanya, whom he loved, he washed up in the Savage Land where he befriended Ka-Zar.

Tanya got Angel and Spider-Man to help find Lykos. The three mutated, and this was when Spider-Man became Man Spider. Lykos had to absorb their energies to revert them back. The X-Men then brought Sauron back to the Xavier Mansion where Xavier supposedly cured him.

Toad forced Lykos into being Sauron again and he joined the Brotherhood of Mutants. He fought and killed Cannonball and was then shot by Cable. He was healed by the Morlocks then fought X-Factor.

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