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Sakaar is a planet far from Earth.

Long ago many Sakaar Natives were stronger than others. Those who maintained those powers were called Oldstrong. Some natives were similar to humans while others were more like insects. There were also creatures such as the robotic Wildebot led by the Eggbreaker and the Great Devil Corker. There was a prophecy of a Sakaarson defeating the World Breaker. There were cities such as An-Sara. A vast building used as the Royal Palace, which was located near the Colosseum, that served as the capital of the planet. Red Prince created the Spikes and the Death's Head Guard to take over the planet. He found Caiera and made her his right-hand woman. He was made the Red King, though Hiroim of the Shadow Priesthood opposed him and was forced out. Elloe also opposed him and was captured.

The planet was located near a wormhole which caused alien spaceships to crash on the planet. The natives then used the aliens in gladiator battles. Korg, Margus, and other Kronans crashed on the planet after fleeing Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Bill followed and attacked the natives. He was eventually captured and forced into the gladiator games.

Hulk crashed on the planet aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Space Shuttle. He was captured and put into the games along with Hiroim, Elloe, Korg, and Miek. They joined the Warbound and after fighting Bill escaped. Red King sent the Spikes to An-Sara but Caiera joined the Warbound and beat the Spikes. The Warbound then went to the Royal Palace and defeated Red King. Hiroim was reinstated into the Shadow Priesthood and Hulk and Caiera ruled the planet.

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