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[[File:WolverineSabretoothEnterMagneto.jpg|thumb|Sabretooth In Hospital]][[File:Sabretooth_XME.jpg|thumb|Sabertooth X-Men Evolution]][[File:Sabretooth.jpg|thumb|Sabretooth 1990's X-Men]][[File:Sabretooth_Xavier.jpg|thumb|Charlestooth]]
| name = Sabretooth
| image = Sabretooth.jpg
| real = Graydon Creed Sr.
| alt = Sabretooth
| ability = [[Healing Factor]], Superhuman Senses, Enhanced Strength, Claws
| team = [[Team X]]
| fam = [[Mystique]] (Ex-Lover)<br>[[Graydon Creed Jr.]] (Son)
| xm = {{Eps|Night Of The Sentinels, Part One|Enter Magneto|Deadly Reunions|Cold Vengeance|Weapon X, Lies and Videotape|Promise Of Apocalypse|Phalanx Covenant, Part One}}
| voice = [[Don Francks]]
| other = {{C|Sabretooth|xme|X-Men: Evolution}}<br>{{C|Sabretooth|wxm|Wolverine and the X-Men}}<br>{{C|Sabretooth|shss|The Super Hero Squad Show}}<br>{{C|Sabretooth|usm|Ultimate Spider-Man}}
'''Sabretooth''' is a [[mutant]] [[supervillain]]. He is a former member of [[Team X]] and is the archenemy to [[Wolverine]].
Sabretooth was first seen on a news broadcast, when he was fighting off against the police. Later he met up with Wolverine and [[Cyclops]] during [[Beast]]'s trial, as a coy for [[Magneto]]. Sabretooth was taken into custody at [[Charles Xavier]]'s much against Wolverine's wishes, who refused to share the why's with his teammates. When the X-Men were gone fighting Magneto, Sabretooth was left alone with [[Jubilee]] and almost killed her. Wolverine returned just in time to prevent it, though Creed badly injured him in battle. He escaped before the X-Men could defeat him. Sabretooth faced Wolverine several times afterwards, before his past with [[Weapon X]], [[Silver Fox]], [[Maverick]] and his bad childhood was discovered. He formed an allegiance with Apocalypse when he was again taken prisoner by the X-Men, and escaped again afterward.
Sabretooth is voiced by [[Don Francks]].
This version is named Graydon Creed Sr., instead of Victor Creed as in the comics.
===In the Comics===
Joined the X-Men and [[X-Factor]] at one point.
==External Links==
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Sabretooth In Hospital

Sabertooth X-Men Evolution

Sabretooth 1990's X-Men

File:Sabretooth Xavier.jpg


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