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Real Name Graydon Creed Sr.
Alternate Identity Sabretooth
Powers and Abilities Healing Factor
Superhuman Senses
Enhanced Strength
Animal-Like Appearance
Team Affiliations Team X
Allies Magneto
Family and Friends Mystique (Ex-Lover)
Graydon Creed Jr. (Son)

Graydon Creed, Sr., better known as Sabretooth, is a mutant supervillain. He is a former member of Team X and is the archenemy to Wolverine.


Sabretooth was first seen on a news broadcast, when he was fighting off against the police. Later he met up with Wolverine and Cyclops during Beast's trial, as a coy for Magneto. Sabretooth was taken into custody at Charles Xavier's much against Wolverine's wishes, who refused to share the why's with his teammates. When the X-Men were gone fighting Magneto, Sabretooth was left alone with Jubilee and almost killed her. Wolverine returned just in time to prevent it, though Creed badly injured him in battle. He escaped before the X-Men could defeat him. Sabretooth faced Wolverine several times afterwards, before his past with Weapon X, Silver Fox, Maverick and his bad childhood was discovered. He formed an allegiance with Apocalypse when he was again taken prisoner by the X-Men, and escaped again afterward.

Powers and Abilities

His animal side

His mutant powers are very similar to Wolverine. He has a Healing Factor that allows him to quickly recover from any wounds as well as animal-like senses. Unlike Wolverine, he is much more beast-like with sharp fangs and long claws. He has increased strength, though it does not appear to be superhuman.

His eyes appear completely white.


Sabretooth is voiced by Don Francks.

This version is named Graydon Creed Sr., instead of Victor Creed as in the comics.

In the Comics

He joined the X-Men and X-Factor at one point.

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