Russians are an ethnic group from the nation of Russia.

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Several Russians formed the Soviet Union. One group of scientist made Omega Red. However he was defeated by Wolverine and Team X and put into a deep freeze. After the fall of the Soviet Empire several former Soviets released Omega with the hope that he would reform the Soviet Union. He was again defeated by the combined efforts of Wolverine, Jubilee, Colossus, and Storm.

The Russians had a submarine called Prometheus off the coast of Norway when it was attacked by Hypnotia who planted a Bio-Conversion Device aboard and sank it. A year later the crew woke up as radioactive zombies and attacked the Hammer Channel Tunnel ribbon cutting ceremony. Iron Man and Force Works attacked the zombies and stopped them. Century then converted the soldiers back to normal.

Another Russian sub sank and their government released Omega Red again so that he could bring the sub back since he could stand the radioactivity. He requested that Wolverine and Storm accompany him since they defeated him before. Omega Red then turned against his government and decided to attack. Together Storm and Wolverine defeated him and left him to sink to the bottom of the ocean with the sub.

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