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Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Rogue
Powers and Abilities Power Absorption
Memory Absorption
Ms. Marvel's Powers:
Super Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Brotherhood of Mutants
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Gambit (Boyfriend)
Mystique (Foster Mother)
Graydon Creed Jr. (Foster Brother)
Nightcrawler (Foster Brother)

The woman known only as Rogue is a mutant and a member of the X-Men.


Rogue was born, grew up, and went to school in the Southern United States of America. When she was thirteen years old she put her first boyfriend Cody in a coma for three days when her absorption powers manifested during her first kiss. After her father harshly disowned her for who she was and her being a mutant, Rogue ran away from home and wandered around for sometime. She was found in a bus station by a woman, who was actually a powerful shapeshifter disguised as a middle-aged woman. She offered a meal and a hot bath to Rogue and she took her up on her offer.

The woman, who she called "Mama," adopted Rogue and became the mother to her that she had never known. She fed Rogue, clothed her, kept a roof over her head, raised her, saw her as her own daughter, taught her how to use her mutant powers to absorb people’s abilities and memories and steal other mutants’ powers, and would have her steal Avalanche and Pyro’s mutant powers from them for practice. Through Mama, Rogue joined the Brotherhood of Mutants and worked alongside Avalanche, the Blob, Mama, and Pyro using her special abilities to steal documents and valuable weapons for several years.

Rogue CPR on Cyclops.jpg

Hoping to enhance her adopted daughter’s abilities and get her nemesis out of her way once and for all, Mama set a nearly fatal trap for her arch-enemy the local super heroine Ms. Marvel. She had Rogue attempt to steal a jet and fly it out of the military base it was in and during the mission she encountered Ms. Marvel, who had come to stop them. Ms. Marvel and Rogue fought and once the superhero had retaken control of the jet from her, she grabbed her and held onto her for too long on Mama's orders. Rogue acquired enhanced reflexes, flight, invulnerability, and superhuman strength, after she had permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel’s superhuman powers and put her into a permanent coma. Unfortunately, she had also absorbed Ms. Marvel’s personality in the process. Rogue was nearly driven insane when Ms. Marvel’s mind began to attack her mentally and cause her to suffer from delusions of her haunting her in her waking state. Eventually they became too much for her to bear and in an effort to escape from Ms. Marvel and the knowledge of what she had done to her, Rogue ran away from Mystique. After this, Rogue left the Brotherhood. Professor X felt Rogue’s anguish and despair and contacted her telepathically and she found him. He was able to block her most painful memories including her unwitting assault of Ms. Marvel and restore her peace of mind, which quieted her. Rogue reformed and became one of Professor Xavier’s students and joined the X-Men. Mystique was furious to discover that Rogue was gone and vowed to get her back from Professor Xavier but she never did.

Rejecting the Cure

Rogue once snuck away from the X-Men and traveled on her alone to Muir Island to undergo Doctor Gottfried Adler’s cure to become an ordinary human being again after Professor Xavier had told them about it. She was aware that her absorption powers kept her from having the kind of love that Cyclops and Jean Grey had together in her life and desired to be able to touch Gambit without hurting him and Rogue felt that the only way to get what she wanted was to get rid of them. On her way to Doctor Adler’s lab she ran into Avalanche and Pyro in a bar after she stopped in there to get herself a drink. She did not remember who they were or that she had once worked with them due to Professor Xavier having blocked them for her memory and Pyro thought that she was Mystique in disguise as Rogue.

Pryo attempted to unsuccessfully hit on Rogue and get her to go on a date with him and Rogue defeated both Avalanche and Pyro in a brief bar fight with the two of them. Pyro followed Rogue to the research center without her knowing it and overheard her explain to Doctor Adler about her desire to become normal. Unfortunately she was unaware that the real Doctor Adler had already been killed by Apocalypse and was being impersonated by Mystique who had agreed to work for Apocalypse after he had threatened to harm Rogue and kill her if she did not to use the process to turn unsuspecting mutants into his slaves.

Mystique was reluctant to use the cure on Rogue and tried to talk her out of it but Rogue refused to do so. She sent Rogue away and told her to come back in one hour to hear her answer on her decision to do it. Apocalypse approved the use of the process on Rogue as he wanted her to become his servant and discussed it with Mystique and ordered her to do so who then saw it as a chance to get Rogue back. After Rogue came back she attempted to use the “cure” on Rogue but was interrupted by Avalanched and Pyro who did not realize that Mystique was impersonating Doctor Adler. The two of them attempted to kidnap her and hold her hostage for ransom. Rogue attacked and battled against Avalanche and Pyro and once again defeated them on her own.

With the help of Cyclops and Jean Grey who had arrived to alert Professor Xavier to Rogue’s plans and stop her from going through with them she was able to rescue Doctor Adler from Avalanche and Pyro and save his life from Cable’s attempt to kill him not knowing that it was really Mystique. Rogue finally realized that who she was and her unique mutant powers were more valuable to her than being able to touch another person without hurting them after she had saved Jean’s life from falling to her death off of a cliff much to Cyclops’s gratitude to her. She was unable to go through with the process and went back home with Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Professor Xavier to the mansion and the rest of the X-Men.

Rogue attempted to become aware of who "Doctor Adler" really was and what his "cure" had done to the four mutants that he had used it on under the threat to use it on Mystique which made her tell her the truth on Professor Xavier’s orders, battled against Mystique, flew to Apocalypse’s secret hideout beneath Stonehenge in England, and unsuccessfully took Apocalyps on her own. Apocalpypse nearly destroyed Rogue but he was stopped from doing so with the arrival of his four Horsemen and the rest of the X-Men. Horrified by what had happened to the four mutants who had been forced to become Apocalypse’s Horsemen against their wills Rogue deliberately touched Archangel in an attempt to absorb part of his life energy and drain away the hatred inside of him. She was partly successful as Archangel regained his senses and helped the X-Men defeat Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Rogue attempted to comfort Archangel and explained to him that the evil that was in him was now a part of her and Archangel sadly declared that he hoped that she was strong enough to control it since he had not been before disappearing into the night. From then on Rogue had given Apocalypse a dangerous enemy in the form of Archangel who swore to find some way of destroying him forever.

Rogue saved Gambit’s life after she caught Bishop about to kill both Mystique and him in an effort to stop the real assassin from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly and destroyed his temporal transceiver which sent him back to his own time in the future. She attempted to attack, beat up, and capture Mystique for all of the misery that she had almost caused but Mystique stopped her from doing so. Rogue became aware of who Mystique was and discovered that she was her adopted mother after Mystique had shape sifted into the form of the middle-aged woman she had used when she had taken Rogue in. Rogue helped Mystique escape and tried to get her to leave Apocalypse but Mystique ignored her pleas and left a crying Rogue behind.

Haunted by Mystique

Mystique met with Mister Sinister in a deserted building late one night who had a gift for her and Mr. Sinister told her that now would be the perfect time for her to reclaim Rogue from Professor Xavier and the X-Men as Professor Xavier was gone and unable to help Rogue. Rogue had to endure Mystique’s attempts to make her aware of her memories of who she was and her past as her adopted daughter, her being a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and her unwitting assault of Ms. Marvel that had been blocked by Professor Xavier and claim her back from Professor Xavier and the X-Men by mimicking Carol Danvers. The next day she appeared disguised as Carol Danvers at a lot of high profile areas such as an anti-mutant rally, a building fire, and a car crash in an effort to be seen by Rogue. Mystique had Avalanche, the Blob, and Pyro wreak havoc upon innocent citizens at an outdoor food market in order to lure the X-Men into a skirmish with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Rogue saw Mystique as Carol Danvers standing nearby staring at her after she had been knocked down to the ground by the Blob. It caused Rogue who had been having mental flashes of Ms. Marvel ever since the Professor’s disappearance to see painful visions of a green-skinned demon flash within her head and made her pass out screaming.

The X-Men took her back to the mansion and Rogue woke up screaming from being haunted even in her dreams by Carol Danvers and the strange creature who had accompanied her in the infirmary to find Cyclops and Gambit by her bedside. Cyclops, Gambit, and Jean attempt to help Rogue remember who the woman she kept seeing everywhere was and why she wanted to get revenge on her but Rogue was unable to remember and was only able to tell them that Professor Xavier had erased some of her most painful memories about who she was and her past but she obviously did not know which ones they were. Then she started to see Carol Danvers everywhere she looked and hear her taunting her and almost hurt her friends including Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops, and Jean to trying to chase the ghostly figure away.The overload on Rogue's mind pulled her into the astral plane where Carol Danvers claimed she had stuck her and blamed Rogue for taking away her life from her while Rogue asked her who she was and why she messing around with her mind. Jean attempted to psychically calm her and became aware of the two presences inside of Rogue's mind. Rogue who was stricken amensiac for a moment was not aware of who she was and where she was at, battled against the specter of the green demon, escaped from the mansion, and flew off. Storm followed her to the Statue of Liberty in New York City and attempted to comfort a crying Rogue and offered her the X-Men's help but Rogue confessed to Storm that she felt that nobody but Professor Xavier would be able to help her and he was unable to since he had disappeared.

Through Mystique's powers and own memories, she learns of the past that Xavier erased from her.

Carol Danvers appeared again and began to taunt her. She told her to come find her at the nearby hospital that Rogue had put her in to find out who she was and what Rogue had done to her that had made her want revenge against Rogue in the first place. Rogue obeyed and disappeared down the roof hatchway. Mystique hurried into the hosptial after Rogue, mimicked Carol Danvers once again, and lead her into Carol Danvers's hospital room at Midtown Hospital. Rogue was stunned out that the real Carol Danvers was in a coma and even more stunned when her double changed back into Mystique. The polymorph convinced Rogue to absorb her memories to become aware of all of the memories of who she was and her past as her adopted daughter and her being a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that had been blocked by Professor Xavier and remember her unwitting assault of Ms. Marvel to learn what she had done to the learn Carol Danvers and Rogue did so. Rogue became angry at Mystique and claimed that she had just been a weapon for Mystique to use against her enemy Ms. Marvel after she had remembered everything that she had forgotten.

However, Rogue was overwhelmed by the lingering effects of having absorbed Mystique's memories and Ms. Marvel from the psychic shields that Professor Xavier had placed in Rogue's mind to protect her from Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel used Mystique's shapeshifting powers to appear as herself in Rogue's body and due to Rogue's desperation grabbed Mystique and tried to fly away with Mystique as her captive. Storm attempted to follow after them in the air and catch them but she was unable to do so. Ms. Marvel dragged Rogue deep into her own mind in the astral plane so that the two of them could attack and battle against each other on the same battleground and nearly defeated her in an effort to claim Rogue's mind and body as her own. However, Jean psychically entered Rogue's mind with Cerebro, amplying her mental powers before Ms. Marvel was able to hurt either Mystique or Rogue and helped Rogue build an unbreakable psychic cage to imprison Ms. Marvel's spirit inside of her mind to shut her up once more. Once again at peace, Rogue allowed Mystique to go free, disowned her for having made her worse than a killer, did not give into Mystique's attempts to guilt her into returning to her, and left with Storm crying to return to the mansion and the rest of the X-Men.

A day or so later Rogue got dressed up, took some flowers, and visited Carol Danvers at the hosptial. A nurse was stunned that the Jane Doe had a visitor and Rogue said to her that the woman's real name was Carol Danvers to give her back her identity and that the woman and her were very close and touched Carol Danvers on the forehead. After Rogue left, the EKG began to finally pulsate to show that her brain waves were active once more and a smile formed on the face of Carol Danvers in her sleep once more.

Other Endeavors

Rogue shared a difficult relationship with fellow team member Gambit. It can best be described as a love/hate relationship. He persistently teased and flirted with her. Rogue truly loved him but because of her powers she could not touch him. To spite their difficult relationship, the shared a close bond having fought together on numerous occasions and dealing with a variety of foes. They did finally declare their love for each other during a mission to the Savage Land. Here, their powers were stolen from them and the restrictions of Rogue's powers were removed.

Rogue lifts a civilian in the air.

Rogue was called in by Cyclops during the plague scare that forced Bishop to come back to their time. She told Cyclops that it was unfair to her that they would blame and quarantine mutants over something they had no prove of them having anything to do with. She went with the other X-Men to stop a group of civilians from hurting Bishop. She took a man and lifted him in the air while she destroyed his gun. After destroying his weapon, she tossed the man in a dumpster, closed it in on him and kicked it down the street. She later fought Apocalypse alongside her fellow X-Men, Cable and Bishop. She took a piece of the building and was about to attack him with it before Apocalypse called her and her teammates "Insects" and hit Rogue into a wall after transforming his hand into a hammer. She reacted in pain and fell down to the ground.

Rogue had no control over her absorption powers and took great care not to touch anyone unless it was in defense of her teammates although there are indications that her inability to control them may be more psychological than they are physical. She endured a lot of emotional pain due to her inability to touch and harbored usually hidden deep feelings of isolation. Rogue had great resentment towards Cyclops and Jean Grey for the easy love affair they shared. Gambit was deeply attracted to Rogue and flirted with her often. He eventually confessed to his love for her when their powers were stolen from them on Savage Land. Although Rogue was equally attracted to him and felt the same way about him, she feared of harming him with her absorption powers which caused her to deny her romantic feelings for him and often push him away to keep either of them from being hurt and driving her to further brooding and solitary soul-searching.


Rogue was beautiful and smart with a great sense of humor, a heart of gold, an independent nature, and a lot of spirit. She usually had an attitude of good-natured irreverence. Rogue occasionally referred to everyone including even her enemies as “hon” and “sugar” and spoke in a sassy Southern accent. She was a bit of a flirt and flirted with any man she found to be attractive such as Cyclops, Colossus, Archangel, and Spider-Man during the her time as a hero.

She had proven herself to be a valuable asset of the X-Men and examples of her heroic deeds include her attempt to confront Magneto during his attack on Metro Chemical Plant, the crushing of the Sentinels in order to save Senator Robert Kelly’s life, the defeat of Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys on Savage Land, the help she gave the other X-Men when they temporarily worked together with the Shi'ar Princess Lilandra to avoid the crisis involving the M’Kraan Crystal and the Dark Phoenix, and her three run ins with Apocalypse.

Rogue had a close friendship with Storm, deeply respected Professor Xavier, and generally got along well with Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Morph, and Wolverine. However she was unafraid to call Wolverine names, insult him, yell at him, argue with him, or threaten to get into a fight with him whenever he annoyed her or made her angry.

Powers and Abilities

Rogue has the ability to absorb energy from other living beings through physical contact as well as temporarily gain mutant powers and thoughts. However this makes it hard for her to be in contact with anyone unless she has protection such as her gloves.

After absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers permanently, she gained the power of flight, superhuman strength and durability.



Gambit was Rogue's on-off-again love interest, with Gambit constantly trying to flirt with her, which often at times left her annoyed. They were often seen not leaving the other's side and Rogue defended him from Wolverine on multiple occasions, with Wolverine telling her, "I knew you always had a soft spot for the Cajun." When Rogue considered taking "the cure" for her mutant powers, Gambit tried comforting her by jokingly suggesting they take a vacation together, which just left Rogue feeling sadder and more frustrated with the fact that she couldn't touch Gambit without hurting him. After the final Sentinel battle, Rogue ran up to Gambit, placing a hand over his mouth and kissing the back of it, jokingly saying, "I hate you!".


Cyclops was at first naive to Rogue's sadness and pain over not being able to control her powers, but he soon became empathetic after Jean voiced her worries for Rogue to him. He, along with Jean, went off to follow Rogue when she considered "curing" her mutant abilities and comfort her to try and convince her not to take the cure. When he was passed out and barely breathing, Rogue gave him CPR, jokingly saying, "Don't worry, I won't tell Jean", which caused her to absorb his abilities.


Storm was one of Rogue's closest friends; the two rescued Jubilee the first time from the Sentinel that was chasing her while they were at the mall shopping. They both shared a close friendship with Jean and served as bridesmaids in her and Cyclops' first wedding. The two were seemingly inseparable from one another, and when Storm's claustrophobia caused her to collapse underneath a fallen brick wall during a fight with Magneto, Rogue ran over to Storm and cried out to her, calling her "Honey" and trying to shake her awake.

Jean Grey

Jean was best friends with both Rogue and Storm and had the most empathy for Rogue. When Rogue considered curing her mutant powers, Jean revealed to Cyclops that she was worried about her, telling him that she understood where Rogue was coming from, as whenever she and Cyclops kissed or shared a touch with each other, Jean could feel when Cyclops was in pain or suffering. She and Cyclops were the ones to go after Rogue, and when Jean nearly fell into the ocean, Rogue saved her, with Jean telling her, "I'm okay. I'm just a bit bruised, thanks to you." Rogue served as a bridesmaid in Jean's first wedding to Cyclops, and when Jean became the Dark Phoenix, Rogue was reluctant to fight her and use her powers on Jean. After Rogue lost control of her power and the voice of Ms. Marvel began haunting her mind, Jean entered Rogue's mind using Cerebro and helped Rogue lock Carol Danvers away, showing how willing Jean was to go out of her way to help Rogue through what she was going through.


Rogue first ran into Jubilee at the shopping mall and rescued her when she was about to be kidnapped by a Sentinel that was chasing her. Rogue was very fond of Jubilee, oftentimes calling her "Sweet Pea," "Sugah" and "Honey" as terms of endearment for her. Rogue often looked out for Jubilee, allowing her to rest against her shoulder while they were in D.C. trying to stop the assassination of Senator Kelly, and in the final Sentinel battle, telling her to be more careful and watch herself. Jubilee possibly looked up to Rogue like a big sister. After Jean's supposed "death" when Jubilee showed extreme anger at how unfair it was that Jean "died," Rogue was the first one to break through her anger and held Jubilee while she cried in her arms, comforting her through their loss.


Mystique adopted Rogue as her daughter at one point, with Rogue having called her, "Mama." It was through Mystique that Rogue had been a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants until she broke away and joined the X-Men. She learned of Mystique being her adoptive mom when Mystique revealed it to her in D.C after her attempted assassination on Senator Kelly, which left Rogue in shock and heartbroken.


Nightcrawler is Rogue's brother by adoption due to him being Mystique's biological son.


Rogue was voiced by Lenore Zann in both X-Men and Spider-Man. Her appearance on Fantastic Four was unvoiced.

When casting Rogue, the producers had in mind a voice soft, deep, dark, sultry Deep South voice similar to Ava Gardner. They specifically warned not to make her exaggeratedly drawling or sing-songy.[1]

First adaptation of the character outside the comics.

During the first part of the opening titles, Rogue and Storm are the only two not in the Blackbird and flying on their own. This was to quickly establish their flying abilities quickly. [2]

Age of Apocalypse concept art

Concept art was created for the Age of Apocalypse version. The art features her in a trench coat, presumably Gambit's. In the comics, she was married to Magneto and they had a child.

Colony concept art

Concept art was revealed for the semi-transformed Colony version of Rogue.

IGN ranked this version of Rogue at number forty-eight among their top ninety animated characters of the 1990s. She ranked above Beast but below Spider-Man, Gambit, and Wolverine. They said, "Being a teenager is tough enough as is, what with all of the social pressures and adapting to early adulthood… but throw in mutant powers and everything goes out the window. Rogue kissed her first boyfriend and put him in a coma, for Pete’s sake. She can absorb the mind and all of its knowledge through mere skin contact, making her one of the most resourceful heroes at ending conflicts within the X-Men."[3]

In the Comics

At the time of production her real name was unstated. It was eventually revealed to be Anna-Marie. She has also been called Raven, Mystique's real name, leading some to believe her name is Anna-Marie Raven.

She grew up in Mississippi. Again, this was not revealed until after the series.

She battled the X-Men before joining them.

When she first met Wolverine, he did not like her as he was a close ally to Ms. Marvel.

The Rogue and Ms. Marvel personalities in Rogue's mind battled for years, with Ms. Marvel often taking over completely, changing Rogue's costume and room decorations angering Rogue.

She visited Cody for years after putting him in a coma. Bella Donna eventually killed him as part of a plot to get back at Gambit through Rogue.

After the supposed death of Cyclops, Rogue became team leader until Storm returned.

She once absorbed the powers of Hulk.

She accidentally permanently absorbed the powers of Sunfire after Lady Deathstrike chopped off his legs and he did not want to live.

Still acting like a mother, Mystique infiltrated the X-Men in order to break Rogue and Gambit up.

Colossus in his metal form is unaffected by her powers. They tried to have a romantic relationship that did not last.


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