Rocket Racer
Rocket racer
Real Name Robert Farrell
Alternate Identity Rocket Racer
Powers and Abilities Hover-Skateboard
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Mrs. Farrell
Not to be confused with the Spider-Man episode "Rocket Racer".

Robert Farrell, also known as Rocket Racer, is a poor inner-city boy who briefly became a criminal.


Physical Therapy
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Robert grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood. He was gifted in engineering, but had to help his sick mother. It is unknown what happened to his father.

He went to a science center where his teachers were Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy.

One day, Robert came across Big Wheel. He snuck into their hideout and stole various technology from them. He built himself a rocket-powered hovering skateboard. He used it to steal some jewels but was caught by Spider-Man. He escaped from the superhero and returned home.

Big Wheel found out about Robert's theft and pursued him. Rocket Racer and Spider-Man teamed up and stopped the giant device using Robert's engineering mind.

Afterwards, he realized that he needed to use his mind to solve his problems, not crime.

He then helped Spider-Man stop some thugs who wanted protection money from a local business.


Rocket Racer was voiced by Billy Atmore.

So far, this is the only adaptation of the character.

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