Rocket Raccoon
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Real Name Rocket Raccoon
Allies Groot
Rocket Raccoon is from the Funko Universe video Bait 'n' Switch.

Rocket Raccoon is a superhero.


The history of Rocket is unknown.

At some point, his friend Groot was kidnapped and held prisoner by Collector. Rocket infiltrated the facility to search for him. He founds his friend near a butterfly and cocoon.

Reunited and it feels so good

Groot looked downtrodden and depressed. Rocket popped up and laughed. Groot spotted him and became excited, bouncing over to him, and waving.

However, Collector appeared scowling on the other side of the cell having caught him. Rocket was shocked and ran away.

He's the bait

He ran down the aisles of the cells with Collector in hot pursuit. He tried to lose him in the cells but Collector stayed on his tail.

Evading capture

Rocket quickly hid behind a cell holding two jellyfish and paused. He heard Collector run by on the other side. Rocket peaked his head around the side and moved to run back.

Rocket began running but soon realized that he was not moving. He looked around him then behind him where he spotted Collector holding onto his tail.

He quickly smashed his foot down on Collector's. Collector screamed in pain and grabbed his foot, letting Rocket go, then jumped up and down.

Trapped like some kind of medium-sized mammal

Rocket ran through the cells but was stopped by a wall. He look around but there was no where to go. He turned and saw Collector walking up behind him.

Rocket backed away into the wall. Thinking quickly, Rocket pulled out a Jack-in-the-Box, with a Star-Lord doll inside, that was disguised as a valuable-looking golden cube.

Getting the upper hand

Rocket threw the box into the air distracting Collector. Rocket took the opportunity and leapt through Collector's legs.

Returning to the scene of the crime

Rocket ran back through the cells and returned to Groot. He examined the cell and Groot bounced over to him. Somehow, Rocket got Groot out and carried him away leaving a doll imitation of Groot behind.

Rocket stopped nearby and the two watched the cell.

Collector ran by the cell and stopped. He pulled the Groot doll out and hugged it. Soon the doll fell over and the eyes fell off. Collector threw the doll onto the ground smashing the pot. He then leapt up and down in a tantrum before kicking the doll.

And that's the switch

Rocket and Groot laughed as he did. Rocket held his fist up and Groot bumped it.

It is unknown what happened afterwards. Presumably the two soon escaped Collector's lair.


A tricky one

Rocket is a crafty, devious and quick-witted person. He is able to quickly devise tricks using deceptive trinkets to fool his opponents.

He is also fiercely loyal to his friends, doing anything he could to retrieve Groot from his captivity.


Rocket was unnamed and unvoiced.

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