Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center SSM
Real Name Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.
Prometheus Statue SSM

The famous statue

Rockefeller Center is a popular tourist attraction in New York City. The Lower Plaza has a large broze statue of Prometheus. There is a snack bar that sells extremely hot chocolate, hot enough to burn a tongue.

During the winter the Lower Plaza is turned into an ice skating rink. For the Christmas season they erect a gigantic Christmas tree and decorate it. People often gather when it becomes dark so they can see it lit up.

On Christmas Eve Peter Parker and several other students from his high school went to Rockefeller Center to skate. Gwen Stacy expressed her anger towards Peter after he did not talk to her after their kiss. Mary Jane Watson told Peter that he needed to focus on what he really wanted.

While there, Kraven the Hunter tracked the scent of Spider-Man to the rink. Master Planner then told the Sinister Six to attack and lure him out.

Electro blasted himself into the rink and called out to Spider-Man. Peter changed into his Spider-Man costume and confronted the villain. Then Vulture appeared and began attacking the crowd. Spider-Man eventually swung over to the tree's star. He webbed up Vulture and slammed him into the tree. Electro then blasted the tree catching it on fire.

MJ Fallen Tree SSM

Not the Christmas Eve she was looking for

The tree fell over crushing Vulture. Spider-Man led Electro away leaving the students horrified. Gwen thought that Peter was crushed since they could not find him. They called the police and they came led by Captain George Stacy.

Rockefeller Clean Up SSM

Hope they have Superhuman Insurance

They brought a crane onto the ice to lift the fallen tree to get Vulture. Workers hooked ropes up to the crane so they could move it back into place. During this time, Master Planner and Tinkerer drilled under the ice and freed Vulture.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane tried to comfort Gwen until Peter reappeared. He claimed that he had to go down the street and missed the entire battle. Gwen was initially happy but still upset at Peter.

The tree was lifted and the police found that Vulture had disappeared.

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