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Robert Axelrod
Robert Axelrod
Born Robert Axelrod
May 29, 1949
New York City, New York
Died September 7, 2019 (Age 70)
Los Angeles, California
Characters played Chip

Robert Axelrod (born May 29, 1949; died September 7, 2019) is an actor who played Chip on Spider-Man. He has also been credited as Axel Roberts and Myron Mensah.


He is most famous for playing the voice of Lord Zedd and Finster in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise.

Other notable works include The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, Manxmouse, Lupin the 3rd, Back to the Forest, Swan Lake, Dr. Slump, Robotech, Murphy's Law, Sorority House Massacre, The New Leave It to Beaver, Bates Motel, Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, Terror on Alcatraz, Akira, The Blob, American Rampage, The Lords of Magick, Alien Private Eye, The Bold and the Beautiful, Journey to the Heart of the World, Family Matters, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, BeetleBorgs, Profiler, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Star Trek: Voyager, Metropolis, The Little Polar Bear, A Light in the Darkness, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, Gotham Cafe, The Revenant, The Adventures of Nadja, 1000 Ways to Die, Mommy's Little Monster, The Goldfish, Bagboy, The Neighbors, Vanquisher, The Clapper, Tales of Frankenstein, and Induced Effect.

Axelrod passed away on September 7th, 2019.[1][2]


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