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Real Name Ristie
Team Affiliations Fashion Warriors
Allies Hulk

Ristie is a computer company CEO and professional fashion model. During one fashion event, she became part of the Fashion Warriors.


Little is known about the early life of Ristie.

Ristie was known as the CEO of a computer company.

She was hired for a fashion show at the Le Château de Shae in Miami, Florida to benefit a children's charity group. All of the models were "women of power" and famous for overcoming tough obstacles in their careers. She modeled clothing along with fellow models Mariah and Jade, the superhero She-Hulk, and scientist Betty Ross.

During the show, the Gamma Warriors attacked the show hoping to capture She-Hulk and her cousin Bruce Banner. Ristie and the other models escaped the attack and hid.

Fashion Warrior Ristie.jpg

They found that Bruce had transformed into Hulk but was captured along with everyone else. They formed the Fashion Warriors to go save everyone.

They split into two groups with one distracting the drones in the hotel while the others cut the emergency power. This woke Hulk and he joined the battle. Together the heroes drove Leader and his forces from the hotel while they diffused a bomb that was left behind.


Ristie's voice actress is unknown.

An original character to the series.

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