Alternate Identity Ringmaster
Powers and Abilities Illusion Projection
Team Affiliations Circus of Crime

Ringmaster is the leader of the Circus of Crime.


Physical Therapy
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At some unknown point, Ringmaster created the Circus of Crime.

Ringmaster intended to steal a virus named Mythrax to sell it. At this point, Swordsman took his old student Clint Barton to Ringmaster to be accepted into the circus as an archer.

The Circus of Crime faced the Avengers and Ringmaster used his illusions to escape them, but they reached him. As a last resort, Ringmaster threatened the Avengers with a vial of Mythrax if they didn't let him go, but Redwing made him drop it and he found out that the vial was empty, as it turned out that Swordsman secretly worked for Zodiac and had taken the Mythrax. Ringmaster was subsequently arrested.


Ringmaster was voiced by Normand Bissonnette.

In the Comics

His real name is Maynard Tiboldt.

He is actually the second to call himself Ringmaster after a Nazi villain.

His power is hypnosis rather than the illusions seen in the series.

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