Rick Jones
Rick Jones (MSH)
Real Name Rick Jones
Team Affiliations Teen Brigade
Allies Hulk
Bruce Banner
Captain America
Rick Jones is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Rick Jones is a teenager who is sometimes seen with Dr. Bruce Banner. He is a loyal friend to the Hulk.


When Bruce Banner was doing his gamma radiation experiment Rick was in the way. Bruce didn't want Rick to be affected by the gamma radiation so he saved Rick but sacrificed himself and then the effect of the gamma radiation turned Bruce into Hulk.

Rick Jones and his Teen Brigade first met Captain America when they helped him fight Vuk.

Rick Jones as Bucky

He also tried to replace Bucky as Captain America's sidekick. However, Cap got angry when he saw Rick in Bucky's old costume and ordered him to take it off. Captain America then explained to Rick that he didn't want to lose another partner the same way he lost Bucky. Captain America and Rick were later attacked by a group of assassins that were sent by Baron Zemo. Cap managed to defeat the assassins but was captured and brought to Baron Zemo's lair. However, Rick was later rescued by Captain America who was also able to defeat Zemo.

Rick was nearby when the army launched a missile at the Leader's giant humanoid and was caught in the blast. However, Hulk was somehow able to transfer some of his gamma energy to Rick which was able to heal him.

Rick wanted to serve his country and tried to enlist in the military. However, General Ross told Rick that he was too young and to stay in school.

Rick Jones was once kidnapped by the Ringmaster.

When the army learned that Rick had some kind of connection to the Hulk that interrogated him. However, Rick refused to talk. Because of Rick's failure to cooperate General Ross had him placed under arrest.


Rick Jones was voiced by Paul Soles.

First version of the character outside the comics, and only animated version to acknowledge his time as Bucky's successor.

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