Richard Parker
Richard Parker (Spider-Man TAS).png
Real Name Richard Parker
Team Affiliations United States Government
Allies Nick Fury
Family and Friends Ben Parker (Brother)
Mary Parker (Wife)
May Parker (Sister-in-Law)
Peter Parker (Son)
Mary Jane Watson (Clone) (Daughter-in-Law)
Mary Jane Watson (Daughter-in-Law)

Richard Parker was the husband of Mary Parker, and the father of Peter Parker.


Little is known about the life of Richard Parker. He and his wife Mary had a son named Peter.

Richard and Mary worked as spies for the United States Government, possibly for S.H.I.E.L.D. since Nick Fury appeared to know them.

At some point the two were sent to a mission to Russia and were killed in a plane crash. Peter was sent to live with Richard's older brother Ben and his wife May. They were considered traitors to the United States of America, though this was kept from Peter.

Peter eventually grew up and became the superhero Spider-Man.

When Peter was in college, his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, was brainwashed by Baron Mordo. Peter snuck into Mordo's cult to rescue her. Mordo made him think that Richard and Mary were alive in order to brainwash him. Luckily, Doctor Strange helped him.

The Chameleon was aware of Richard and Mary's history and told Kingpin and his son Richard Fisk. They used that to frame Peter for treason then staged his escape. Together with Daredevil, Peter was able to clear his name.

Later, when Peter unknowingly married Mary Jane's clone he overheard Fury stating that his parents were traitors. He traveled to Russia to clear their name. With the help of Keen Marlow, Peter succeeded.


Richard Parker's voice actor was uncredited.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Richard was a US Army Special Forces soldier. He was recruited by Fury into the CIA. He met Mary on the job.

Richard and Mary fought Baron Strucker alongside Logan. In fact, Logan was the first person to congratulate the two on Mary's pregnancy.

They were killed by the Finisher on orders from the third Red Skull.

Harry Osborn had Chameleon create Life Model Decoys of Richard and Mary to attack Peter.

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