Rescue IMAA.jpg
Real Name Patricia Potts
Alternate Identity Pepper
Powers and Abilities Rescue Armor
Allies Iron Man
War Machine
Family and Friends Virgil Potts (Father)
Happy Hogan
Gene Khan
Rescue is from the Non MAU series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Patricia "Pepper" Potts, also known as Rescue is a friend and ally to Iron Man and War Machine.


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Her father is an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent allowing her access to information on many criminals. She tends to talk a lot, much to the annoyance of her friends and family.

She became Rescue after Tony gave her a new suit of armor.


Pepper Potts was voiced by Anna Cummer.

First adapted version of the character to become Rescue, though it is the first to appear after the comic book version became Rescue.

The series changed her first name from Virginia to Patricia. They then named her father Virgil as a reference to her comic book name.

In the Comics

Called Pepper because of her freckles.

Worked at Stark Industries when she noticed an accounting error that saved the company millions. Tony then made her his personal assistant.

Dated then married Happy Hogan, but eventually broke up.

Has her own arc reactor in her chest when she had shrapnel embedded just like Tony.

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