Red Skull
Red Skull AEMH.jpg
Alternate Identity Red Skull
Dell Rusk
Team Affiliations Nazi
Allies Winter Soldier
Red Hulk
Red Skull is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Red Skull was a high-ranking member of the Nazis and HYDRA during World War II. He currently goes under the name Dell Rusk.


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Red Skull was in charge of developing advanced weapons. He went to Norway where he developed portal technology.

They were attacked by the Howling Commandos, Captain America, and Bucky. However, he had already opened a portal to the Nine Worlds of Asgard and began taking creatures into Midgard.

Captain America and Bucky fought the creatures until Ymir came through attacking both the Axis and Allied soldiers.

When Captain America and Bucky got free they chased Red Skull through the castle. He fled to a rocket but the two got on. Red Skull ejected trapping Bucky onto the rocket. Captain America was thrown off and fell into the Atlantic Ocean, while the rocket exploded killing Bucky.

Somehow, Red Skull survived and eventually became the Secretary of Defense for the United States of America under the name Dell Rusk. He works with the resurrected Bucky, going under the name Winter Soldier. He then turned General Thaddeus Ross into Red Hulk.


Red Skull was voiced by Steven Blum.

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