Red Skull
Red Skull msh
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Red Skull
Team Affiliations Nazis
Allies Keeper of the Cosmic Cube
Red Skull is from the Non MAU series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

The Red Skull was a high ranking member of the Nazi regime during World War II and constant threat to Captain America.


Becoming Red Skull

The man that would one day become the Red Skull grew up as an orphan living in the streets of Germany. He would often have to steal food to survive and because of this he spent a lot of time in jail.

He later worked as a bellboy in a hotel. This was around the time that Adolf Hitler became the supreme leader of Germany. Hitler later stayed at the hotel that the unnamed bellhop worked at. The bellhop brought refreshments to Hitler's room where he heard Hitler berating one of his soldiers for his failures. Hitler then pointed to the bellhop and said that he could train him to do better. Hitler then recruited the bellhop and trained him for several months. At the end of the bellhops training, Hitler presented him with a skull mask that was red. Hitler then dubbed him the Red Skull. As the Red Skull, he was one of the best agents in Nazi Germany and was answerable only to Hitler.

Red Skull carried out several missions for Hitler. However, Red Skull grew so powerful that even Hitler began to fear him.

World War II

Red Skull learned of a secret military project that Major Cory was working on and attacked him. Red Skull exposed Major Cory to a gas that caused him to lose his memory. When Captain America and Bucky learned of the attack on Major Cory they investigated. Cap and Bucky were able to track down the Red Skull but he was able to escape. Red Skull later injured General Curtis and was once again confronted by Captain America and Bucky. Cap and Bucky fought Red Skull. However, several Nazis arrived and opened fire on Cap and Bucky. This gave Red Skull enough time to escape. Afterwards, Captain America found a list of names that Red Skull had dropped. The list had four names on it, Major Cory, General Curtis, Captain America, and Bucky.

Red Skull later learned of top secret military project the Allies were making called Project Vanish. Red Skull then had one of his spies placed in a U.S. P.O.W. camp. The spy then took the identity of one of the guards and used it to escape. The spy was able to track down Project Vanish and learned that it was a laser gun that could vaporize anything it shot. Shortly afterward the spy was confronted by Captain America and Bucky. The spy attempted to use the Project Vanish to kill them. However, Captain America was able to trick the spy into making Project Vanish explode by having him set it to full power. A short time after the destruction of Project Vanish, Red Skull was able to capture Captain America. Red Skull then had one of his scientist administer a serum to Captain America which placed Cap under his control. Red Skull then sent Captain America to assassinate Dwight D. Eisenhower. When Captain America arrived at Eisenhower's office he nearly killed General Eisenhower but broke free from Red Skull's control at the last second.

Captain America later tracked down Red Skull to his secret bunker. While in the bunker, Red Skull was about to throw a grenade at Captain America. However, Captain America used his shield to knock the grenade out of Red Skull's hands. As the grenade exploded it caused a cave-in and trapped Red Skull under some rubble. Red Skull then gave Captain America a message saying that twenty years from now the Sleepers would awake to finish his work. After giving Captain America that message, Red Skull apparently died. However, Red Skull had actually been placed in suspended animation by an experimental gas that had filled the bunker.

Modern day

Exactly as Red Skull had told Captain America, twenty years later Red Skull's sleeper agents activated the Sleepers. When all three Sleepers combined they attempted to destroy the Earth. However, Captain America was able to stop the Sleeper.

Red Skull was later awakened from suspended animation by A.I.M. and began to work for them to try and kill Captain America. However, Red Skull soon learned that a scientist known as the Keeper had created a weapon called the Cosmic Cube that was so powerful that it could alter reality in any way that its user dreamed of. Red Skull and the Keeper betrayed A.I.M. to gain control of the Cosmic Cube.

Captain America eventually learned that Red Skull was still alive and tracked the Keeper to an island where he met with Red Skull. The Keeper gave Red Skull the Cosmic Cube who used it to vaporize the Keeper. Red Skull planned on using the Cosmic Cube to take over the world and then other planets in the cosmos. As Red Skull was about to use the Cosmic Cube to send Captain America into another dimension, Captain America begged the Red Skull to let him serve him. However, when Red Skull let his guard down Captain America tackled him. Captain America was able to knock the Cosmic Cube out of Red Skull's hands and it fell off a cliff and into the ocean. Red Skull dived in after the Cube. However, there was a rock slide and Red Skull was crushed by the falling rocks.


Red Skull was voiced by Paul Kligman.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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