Red Skull
Red Skull AA.png
Alternate Identity Red Skull
Iron Skull
Powers and Abilities Super Soldier Serum
Iron Skull Armor
Team Affiliations HYDRA
Red Skull is from the Marvel Animation Universe series Avengers Assemble.

Red Skull is the rival of Captain America. To combat the Avengers, he began forming the Cabal. He also goes under the name Iron Skull.


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Beginning to die from his super soldier serum, Red Skull lead HYDRA into a battle to capture Captain America. He used MODOK to help him switch bodies. Captain America's Avengers teammates arrived to help free him. While Red Skull in Cap's body at first manage to overcome the Avengers, Falcon appeared and forced the two into their own bodies.

He then stole Iron Man's armor as an alternate way to live. He redesigned the armor and began using the title Iron Skull. He then began traveling the world to recruit other supervillains into his Cabal. He approached Doctor Doom to join his team, but he refused and had his own confrontation with the Avengers. When partnered with Justin Hammer, the latter assured him that he could defeat his enemy Captain America. However, he was defeated once Captain America started adapting as well, with the use of Iron Man's helmet. He broke all connections with him following the defeat.


Red Skull is voiced by Liam O'Brien.

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