Red King
Red King
Real Name Red King
Alternate Identity Red Prince
Powers and Abilities Battle Armor
Team Affiliations Sakaar Native
Red King is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.
Physical Therapy
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Red King, previously Red Prince, is a native and ruler of the planet Sakaar. At a young age he thought he could force himself to become the Sakaarson. He created the Spikes and sent them to An-Sara. He also created the Death's Head Guards to handle the Spikes. He found Caiera, saved her, and made her his right-hand woman. He then became ruler of the planet, thought some like Hiroim, Elloe Kaifi, and Felan doubted him and spoke out against him. He put people into gladiator games and made them kill each other. He captured natives who spoke out against him and aliens who fell from the sky through the wormhole. He captured Hiroim, Elloe, Hulk, Korg, Margus, other Kronans, Beta Ray Bill, Miek, Laven Skee, and Android. He also forced them to fight the Great Devil Corker, Wildebots, and Eggbreaker. Hulk and his fellow Warbound grew too popular and people began to doubt Red King. However, Bill freed the slaves and they all escaped. Red King sent a group of Spikes to An-Sara to kill Hulk. He admitted that he made the Spikes to Caiera then dropped a bomb on the city. Caiera came back with Hulk's body but he was actually alive and attacked him. Hulk and Red King fought for a while until Caiera used a Spike spore to infect Red King. He ran out of the room where he was killed by the Death's Head Guards.


Red King was voiced by Mark Hildreth.

In the comics, Red King's real name was Angmo-Asan, though this name was never used in the video.

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