Red Ghost
Red Ghost (Fantastic Four (1967))
Real Name Kragoff
Alternate Identity Red Ghost
Powers and Abilities Intangibility
Allies Super-Apes
Red Ghost is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

Red Ghost is a super-villain that attempted to recreate the accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers and in the process gained his own powers.


Red Ghost planned to be the first man on the moon. Red Ghost believed that a man that could create technology to take him to the moon was smart enough to conquer Earth. However, the Fantastic Four were also planning an expedition to the moon.

As Red Ghost's rocket launched he purposely flew the rocket through cosmic rays to gain powers. When the Fantastic Four got to the Blue Area of the Moon they were confronted by Red Ghost and his Super-Apes. Red Ghost manages to subdue the Fantastic Four and took Invisible Girl hostage. However, Red Ghost was later defeated.

Red Ghost later returned and brought the Fantastic Four to the Blue Area of the Moon. Red Ghost then contacted all the leaders of the world and ordered them to surrender of else he would destroy them. Red Ghost later fought the Fantastic Four but accidentally fell into Uatu's teleporter and was teleported away.


Red Ghost was voiced by Vic Perrin.

First version of the character outside of the comics.

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