Real Name Raze
Powers and Abilities Skrull: Shapeshifting
Team Affiliations Skrull Confederacy
Family and Friends Husserl (Hive-Brother)

Raze is a Skrull.


When Silver Surfer was asking about Zenn-La at a pub, he found Raze. Raze asked what did he want with Zenn-La and didn't believe Surfer that Galactus had spared it just for mercy, claiming that Zenn-La inhabitants were Galactus' assassins, and telling that his brother died for believing in Zenn-La. Raze shapeshifted into a beast and attacked Silver Surfer, but couldn't damage him.


Raze was voiced by Len Doncheff.

First version outside the comics.

In the Comics

Raze lacks the Skrulls' natural shapeshifting abilities.

He is a bounty hunter.

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