Rama-Tut (Fantastic Four (1967))
Alternate Identity The Awesome Rama-Tut
Pharaoh of Pharaohs
King of the Seven Suns
Powers and Abilities Time Travel
Rama-Tut is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

Rama-Tut was a time traveler from the year 3000 that went to ancient Egypt and became a pharaoh.


In the year 3000, the man that would become Rama-Tut longed for adventure. While he was exploring Doctor Doom's castle, he found blueprints for a time machine. After building the time machine, he traveled to ancient Egypt and became a pharaoh. During this time he started going by the name Rama-Tut.

With Doctor Doom's time machine the Fantastic Four traveled back in time to ancient Egypt to find a cure for the Thing. However, the Fantastic Four had lost their powers and were quickly captured and brought before Rama-Tut. Rama-Tut revealed to the Fantastic Four that he had used a device to take away their powers. Rama-Tut then used a device to control the minds of Mister Fantastic, Human Torch, and Thing making them his slaves. Rama-Tut also intended to make Invisible Girl his bride.

While Rama-Tut was publicly announcing his wedding to Invisible Girl, Thing stole Rama-Tut's device giving the Fantastic Four back their free will. With the Fantastic Four no longer under his control, Rama-Tut planned to escape capture by using his time machine to return to the year 3000. However, something went wrong with the time machine and it exploded with Rama-Tut inside. However, Mister Fantastic was unsure if Rama-Tut had actually perished or managed to travel back to the future.


Rama-Tut was voiced by Mike Road.

While Kang appeared the previous year in The Marvel Super Heroes, this is the first version of Rama-Tut outside of the comics.

In the Comics

His real name is Nathanial Richards, a distant ancestor of Reed Richards, and hails from the 30th century.

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