Radioactive Zombie
And the Sea Shall Give Up its Dead
Real Name Radioactive Zombie
Alternate Identity Prometheus Crew
Powers and Abilities Living Dead, Radioactivity
Team Affiliations Russian
Allies The Hand

A radioactive zombie was part of a plan by the Mandarin to take over the world.


Off the coast of Norway the Russian submarine Prometheus was sunk by Hypnotia. She planted a Bio-Conversion Device which covered the crew of a strange substance.

Over the next year the ship drifted towards the coast off Scotland while the crew were converted into radioactive zombies.

Russian Sailor Zombies Rising

The United States found out that the readings they noticed were in fact a submarine and initiated Operation Prometheus. Admiral Harold Younger tasked Tony Stark and James Rhodes with finding the sub. They believed that the sub contained something that was possibly disastrous to mankind.

Hawkeye Century Fight Zombies

Iron Man found the submarine but Mandarin and MODOK were watching and he was attacked by Blacklash, Dreadknight, Whirlwind, and Grey Gargoyle. Luckily Rhodes and Force Works were watching and Century transported them to the sub to help Iron Man. However, Mandarin sent Fin Fang Foom and the heroes were defeated.

Mandarin's plan was to use the sailors to convert the entire world into an army that he would command. They were radioactive and thus difficult to fight against in close quarters.

Russian Sailors Healed

After the battle the zombie crew woke up, left the sub, and attacked the Hammer Channel Tunnel Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Force Works arrived and did battle with them. Scarlet Witch converted herself into a zombie in order to fight them. The heroes defeated the zombies and Century turned them back to normal.


The radioactive zombies were original to the series.

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