Rachel Van Helsing
Rachel Van Helsing DSD
Real Name Rachel Van Helsing
Powers and Abilities Skilled in Various Forms of Vampire Killing
Team Affiliations Vampire Hunters
Allies Dolores
Family and Friends Abraham Van Helsing (Great-Grandfather)
Rachel Van Helsing is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Rachel Van Helsing is a vampire hunter who fought against the legendary vampire Count Dracula. She is the granddaughter of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.


Early Life

Abraham Readies Hammer DSD

Rachel is the great-granddaughter of legendary figure Abraham Van Helsing. Though Abraham died in Dracula's Castle deep in Transylvania trying to destroy Count Dracula he did have a child, which led to Rachel's birth three generations later.

Rachel's early history is unknown.

Rachel Library DSD

Probably told the stories through family, Rachel eventually became part of the vampire hunters. She eventually came under the tutelage of the wheelchair bound Hans Harker, son of Abraham's partner Jonathan. She became trained in killing vampires and was skilled in firing a crossbow. She also got to know the vampire hunting dog Elijah.

Rachel hated Dracula for what he did to her great-grandfather. She dedicated herself to tracking Dracula down and stopping him.

In preparation for Dracula's reemergence, Rachel and Hans thoroughly researched Dracula's lineage and discovered Frank Drake, his last descendant. They tracked Frank down and learned about his own history.

Dracula's Return

On day, Rachel and Hans heard of a woman who had been attacked and drained of blood. A homeless man claimed she was attacked by a person who resembled a vampire, such has having fangs like a wolf.

Frank Picks Up Phone DSD

Rachel tracked Frank to a bar and called to contact him. She spoke to the owner, Al, and got ahold of Frank. Frank answered and was greeted by her beautiful voice. She asked him to meet her by the flowerbed at the entrance of the park.

Frank didn't want to meet with a woman he did not know. She told him she could not explain over the phone. Frank said he liked her voice and was curious about how she looked. Then he said that he did not like mysteries.

She then surprised him by calling him "Mr. Dracula" then hung up. She and Quincy headed out to the park.

Meeting Frank

Frank Meets Hans Rachel DSD

Rachel pushed Hans to the park and found Frank. He spit on the ground and wondered why anyone would think his name was Dracula. Hans assured him that they were not wrong and had researched his family.

Hans told him that Dracula's first son was born before the Count became a vampire, and thus Frank's family line was spared the curse. Frank grew angry at this claiming he wasn't spared. He informed the two that he still had to live with the Dracula name and all the memories and associations attached to it.

Hans told him that he really did hate Dracula, Frank would join them as a vampire hunter. Frank then burst out laughing and said that Rachel and Hans were crazy. He didn't think they stood a chance against Dracula and turned to leave.

Wheelchair Fight DSD

Hans pulled the handle off his cane revealing a long hidden blade. Frank turned and Hans took a swing at him narrowly missing him. Rachel pushed Hans forward so he could continue his attacks.

Rachel Shocked DSD

The two hunters pursued him as Frank backed up. Hans continued to swipe at him while Frank dodged. The three went through the park passing a popcorn stand. Rachel was shocked to see that Hans had cut off part of Frank's hair.

As Hans took another swing, Frank leapt far up into the air to dodge. Hans held up the blade as Frank came down. Frank kicked the blade away before landing. Rachel got out of the way before Frank got behind the old man and put him in a chokehold.

Frank Chokes Hans DSD

Frank asked why he was attacked and noted that he could have killed Hans. Hans explained that he heard Frank was talented at martial arts and wanted to test him. He was attempting to see if Frank would become a good vampire hunter. Frank smiled and asked if he was joking.

Rachel and Hans then took Frank to their headquarters in the Harker Mansion. They arrived at the mansion late at night, just before the next day's dawn.

Family Histories

The group met in the library, which was filled with knives, wooden stakes, a hammer, a hook, several crosses, a Bible, and several images depicting Vlad III the Impaler. Rachel leaned on one wall near the door and watched the other two.

Frank looked over all the books. He noted that Hans seemed to have every book ever made on the subjects of vampires, werewolves, zombies and black magic. Hans told him he even wrote several books himself.

Frank looked over tables displaying the various items in the cases. Frank asked if Hans was serious about all of that. Hans assured him that he was deadly serious. He then looked over at a painting and then a statue of Vlad, the pre-vampire incarnation of his ancestor.

Hans explained to him that he was a professor of science and philosophy who did research into metaphysics. He called Frank by his Drake name and assured him he knows what he's talking about.

Frank Not Convinced DSD

Frank still was not convinced. He didn't think they knew what it was like to confront a real vampire. Hans decided to tell him the story of his and Rachel's ancestor's confrontation with Dracula.

Hans explained how Abraham Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker snuck into Dracula's castle. They found his coffin and tried to hammer a wooden stake through his heart. However, Dracula awoke and killed the two.

Frank Realizes Rachel Heritage DSD

Hans told him that those two came the closest to actually killing Dracula. He finally introduced himself as Hans Harker, Jonathan's son, and told him that Rachel was Abraham's great granddaughter.

Frank then understood why those two hunted vampires, but asked why he should. Hans told him it would clear his name and him the gratitude of mankind. Rachel looked at Frank with disgust as he laughed.

He told them that the gratitude of mankind wouldn't get him a cup of coffee. Hans said that if it was a matter of money he had a check worth one-hundred thousand dollars. Frank told him that it wasn't enough to risk his life and turned to leave.

Rachel Slaps Frank DSD

As he was walking past Rachel he grabbed her and asked if she could be thrown he. He pulled her in and kissed her on the lips. Rachel got disgusted and broke free slapping Frank.

Rachel Grabs Bow DSD

She ran across the room and grabbed her crossbow and a handful of arrows. She loaded and fired one forcing Frank to dodge. She fired too more despite Frank's protests and pinned his pants to the ground causing him to fall backwards. One more arrow landed near his legs.

Rachel Defeats Frank DSD

He asked her to stop and she ran towards him to point the last arrow at him. Frank agreed to skip the "bonus" and take the money. One by one, he pulled the arrows out of the floor and stood up.

He agreed to join and asked how they intended to track Dracula. The sun rose in the sky and sunlight shined through the window. Han blew on a whistle, but Frank got confused when he heard no sound.

Frank Meets Elijah DSD

The door opened and Elijah entered. Hans explained that the dog used to belong to a church until they found he was drinking the holy water. Frank doubted that the dog could find Dracula.

Hans reassured him that the dog's nose was incredibly sensitive to evil and would lead them right to the Count. He felt that even Dracula could not hide from Elijah. The dog began to growl when Frank stated that he was not too excited to be hunting his grandfather. Frank then said that dealing with Dracula is their biggest problem, prompting Elijah to raise his head.

On the Prowl

Vampire Hunters DSD

The next day, the hunters gave Frank a rifle and went out in search of Dracula while it was still light out. Elijah led them to the park and the four of them wandered around with their weapons ready. However, they could find no trace and left.

Hunters Alley Night DSD

That night, they made their way to the corner of Free St. and E. 79 St. hoping to find some trace of the Count. A church's bell rang in the distance. As they walked down the street Frank kept his rifle ready.

The next day they wandered near the river than runs through Boston. They saw a sailboat go under a large suspension bridge while a traffic jam clogged the road above.

As it got late they walked along a dock past a crane and various warehouses. They looked into an alley as they walked past but found nothing. Elijah then led them to an old boat. Frank took the dog aboard to search while Rachel waited with Hans.

Frank Elijah Leave Boat DSD

Frank and Elijah left the boat and told them that they found nothing. The ship's large mast and tattered sail sat behind them. Hans looked up and saw a flock of seagulls flying overhead.

They left the dock area and went back towards the city.

As the year went on Fall came and leaves began to fall from the trees. The four often split to cover more ground and once Frank too Elijah to wander empty streets and a graveyard.

Fall became Winter and snow began to fall on the city of Boston as Christmas approached. Still, their manhunt provided no results.

No Luck

Roughly one year after their search began, the four of them sat in Hans' mansion.

Frank Berates Elijah DSD

Frank got made and yelled at Hans for failing to find Dracula. He pointed out that they had been searching for a year without any success. He then complained that they were wrong about Elijah's tracking abilities.

Rachel got fed up with him and yelled back that he wasn't helping by constantly complaining. She thought Dracula found a way to disappear and hide from Elijah.

Hans noted that Dracula's methods had changed. He pointed out that the vampire went from openly killing people to carefully covering his tracks, as if the Count wanted to be more cautious. Frank wondered if that meant they were closing in on him, theorizing that Dracula was actually scared. Hans said that was a possibility.

Hunters Examine Map DSD

Hans pulled open a drawer and put a map of the city on his desk. Rachel moved over to look on as he unfolded it. The map showed possible hiding locations. Hans was sure that Dracula was hiding within the highlighted section, near the city of Brookline.

Frank realized that they hadn't just been wasting time, but narrowing down his location. Hans told them that every day they were coming closer to the fiend. He ordered them to prepare themselves for the coming final battle. He felt that Dracula was within their reach, and that they were within Dracula's.

He reassured Frank that Elijah had proven his worth by finding where Dracula wasn't and would soon finish the job. Elijah, who had been sleeping on the floor, rose at the sound of his name and growled in agreement.

In Her Sights

One evening, Frank drove their vehicle following the hunting dog. Elijah led them through the woods and stopped when he saw a dove fly overhead. Elijah got particularly excited and began running through the woods.

As it grew dark, Frank noted that Elijah had never been that excited before. Rachel was eager in anticipation for the coming battle. However, Hans told her not to let her emotions control her. Frank joked that he could handle Dracula himself.

Elijah Stops Hunter DSD

Elijah slowed down and Frank stopped the car then turned off the engine. They heard the sound of a horse and buggy and went completely silent, each readying their weapon. A buggy passed in front of them and the four saw Dracula driving a woman and baby. Dracula led the buggy down the road past them and turned right away from the hunters' car.

Frank immediately recognized his ancestor. Rachel readied her crossbow vowing to avenge her grandfather. Hans stopped her, warning her not to act without thinking. He wanted to know who the woman was first and wondered if the baby was Dracula's. Rachel relented and told Frank to follow them.

Frank started the car and discretely drove after them. They followed the buggy to an old church. They saw as the buggy pulled into the church's driveway and Dracula helped the woman and baby down.

Vampire Hunter Mobile DSD

Frank stopped the car and the three of them got out, with Hans using the ramp in the back. The hunters watched as Dracula opened the church doors and the group entered. They then ran up to the church.

After a brief amount of time, large and heavy metal coverings closed over the doors and windows revealing crosses in the center.

Hunter Trapped Outside DSD

The hunters tried to get in but could not get past the closed doors. Rachel wondered what was going on, and Frank didn't like that. He said that there was no way they could get in through the solid steel. Frank thought it was a plot by Dracula to trap them. However, Hans warned them to remain calm in case it was a trap.

Then the building began to collapse. Hans felt that their chance to confront Dracula was nearing. A column then hit the door from the inside and knocked the covering down.

At Long Last

Hans Rachel Shocked at Dracula DSD

The four hunters ran in to see that Dracula had devastated the inside. A man lay dead to one side while the woman held the baby, now dying from a gunshot wound. They stood in shock as they saw Dracula throwing another column.

Dracula knocked over another column causing more debris to fall on the dead man. The Count stopped and walked over to the fallen man. Hans readied his gun and fired hit hitting the vampire in the shoulder. The woman was shocked to suddenly see the hunters. Hans told the hunters to attack and ordered Elijah to pin Dracula down.

The dog ran towards Dracula who turned in time to grab him and throw him to the side. Frank ran up and tried to kick him but Dracula dodged it. Elijah landed and turned to face the vampire.

Frank tried some more kicks and punches but Dracula dodged them with ease. Elijah jump on the Count's back and leapt off. Frank continue his assault without success. Dracual then grabbed his leg and threw his grandson to the side. Elijah ran over to the fallen Frank to protect him from Dracula, but was slapped away by the vampire lord.

Rachel Crossbow DSD

Realizing he needed help, Rachel knelt and readied her bow. She fired two arrows but Dracula turned and easily deflected them. She fired two more saying they were to avenge her grandfather, but each did nothing. Dracula then leapt up and grabbed her. Elijah ran up but Dracula once again knocked the dog away.

Rachel Choked DSD

Dracula chocked her until Hans fired his gun hitting the other shoulder. Dracula screamed and threw Rachel into Hans causing them both to fall over. Dracula walked over to them ready to attack again. Hans tried to crawl away.

The woman stopped Dracula by calling out to him. She asked the Count to stop killing and claimed that nothing would bring back their baby. She didn't want him to take his revenge out on the hunters. She cried into the body of the baby.

Dracula Attacks Rachel Hans DSD

Dracula realized what he was doing then leapt out of a hole in the building and flew away. The woman begged him to stay but he had already left. The four hunters watched as she cried out for Dracula to return.

Defeated and injured, the group returned to Hans' mansion, apparently without talking to the woman first. That night there was a terrible storm with thunder and lightning.

Recuperations and Realizations

Frank's arm was injured and put into a sling.

In the next couple of days, Rachel and the others learned who the woman and child were. She was named Dolores and was the human bride of Dracula. The baby was there child named Janus, also mortal.

One evening, the group met in Hans' home. He was interested vampire-style murders happening in New York City. Frank thought that Dracula went mad after his son's death and was killing there. He realized that the murders were undeniably that of a vampire.

Hunters After Battle DSD

Rachel thought they should not just assume that it was Dracula. She assured them that there were more vampires out in the world. Hans agreed, saying Elijah didn't seem to want to leave Boston. He suggested they keep an eye on Dolores in case Dracula was still hiding nearby.

Frank told them that Dolores visited her son's grave every day and seemed to be in shock. Rachel felt sorry for her for all the tragedy she had endured. Although Hans reminded her that they were tasked with killing Dolores' husband.

Frank pointed out that Dracula seemed more devoted to Dolores than any other husband would be. He thought the vampire wouldn't abandoned her so easily. Hans agreed that they needed to watch Dolores in order to find Dracula.

In the Presence of God

After Frank's arm got better, the group began following Dolores. The hunters quietly followed in their car while Dolores wandered the streets as if in a daze.

Rachel Hans Watch Dolores DSD

At evening, Dolores passed through a park and ended up in her son's cemetery. Rachel, Frank, and Hans hid in the trees and watched her as she knelt down and put three pink roses on Janus' grave. She then began to pray.

Dolores spoke to the tombstone about her son's brief life. She eventually pulled out a large dagger and held it against herself causing Hans to scream out. As she brought the blade closer, Hans ordered Rachel and Frank to stop the woman.

A bright light suddenly shown down on Dolores illuminating the entire area. The dagger disappeared and a loud, booming voice, presumably that of God, spoke to Dolores commanding her not to end her life. Dolores held up her hands saying she could not go on without her husband or son.

She stated that she had turned her back on on Heaven and gave herself to the forces of evil, and regretted ever living such a life. The voice agreed that she had sinned and suffered, but assured her that Heaven had not abandoned her. The voice stated that she would be given a second chance.

Rachel Sees Janus DSD

The ground shook and Janu's tombstone tilted. The child's small coffin was unearthed and opened. Dolores and the hunters were shocked to see the body of the dead boy float out of the ground and become bathed in light. Hans pointed out that it was a genuine miracle and the three hunters knelt and began to pray.

They watched as Janus began to breathe and move his hands. Janus opened his eyes and Dolores held up her arms, but the boy was lifted higher into the air. Then a man appeared in his place. The hunters continued to look on and prayed. The baby moved towards the man and was absorbed into him.

A bat flew into the cemetery but the light knocked it away. It became Dracula and Dolores realized that her husband had come. Dracula fell among the tombstones, then stood and ran to his son. He stated that God would not turn his son against him.

Rachel Prays DSD

Dracula ran and leapt at the adult form of his son. Dolores asked him not to hurt Janus. Dracula didn't get close and was knocked away. Dracula stood as the light began to disappear. Janus landed on the ground.

Dolores ran up but did not recognize the man. She saw a vision of her baby holding his arms up. Dolores didn't believe until the man called her mother. She realized the truth and embraced him. Dracula agonized that his son would try to destroy him and turned to leave.

Hunters See Resurrection DSD

Dolores then pleaded with Janus to show his father mercy. Janus grabbed his mother and turned to see Dracula leave. He pointed out that Dracula was a servant of Satan. Dolores pointed out that Dracula was a victim, and did not willingly become a vampire.

Janus explained that he had to kill his father, and that was why he was revived. Dolores asked him not to for Dracula loved. Janus went on to say that it was not his choice to destroy Dracula any more than it was his father's choice to become a vampire.

Dolores backed away realizing that the two men were stuck in battle. Janus turned away saying that he was the personification of good while Dracula was the personification of evil, and thus mortal enemies.

Dolores stepped forward asking if she was to then be the personification of hopelessness during their battle, a punishment from Heaven for all her sins. He said it wasn't for revenge, but for justice. Dolores fell to her knees and took his hand, explaining how much Dracula loved him. Rachel, Hans, and Frank continued to listen in on their conversation.

Dolores explained that Dracula had suffered so much already over the five centuries. She begged him to stop and began to weep. He told her he could not and ran away. He became a large golden hawk and flew away. Dolores called out to him to return but he didn't listen. When he was gone Dolores falls on her hands and continues to weep.

Secret Origins

Hunters Confront Dolores DSD

Hans chose that time to approach her. Rachel pushed Hans up next to Frank. Dolores was startled by their sudden appearance.

Hans introduced himself and said he had some dark secrets about Dracula. Dolores reassured him that her husband kept nothing from her. Hans told her that Dracula brutally murdered his father, wife, and daughter. Dolores was shocked to hear this.

Hans went on to say that Dracula was a monster, dedicated to inflicting terrible things upon mankind. He stated that he vowed to destroy Dracula, and he needed to see the vampire dead. Dolores shook her head and claimed he was too late, that her husband died when Janus was resurrected.

Rachel Asks Dolores DSD

Rachel pointed out that Dolores seemed so nice and wondered why she would get mixed up with the vampire, even to the point of defending him. Dolores turned her head explaining, once again, that Dracula was a victim of Satan. She claimed he was punished with greater severity than he inflicted.

She went on to say that Dracula was in fact a kind person who struggled against his vampire urges. She said he constantly battled between good and evil.

She explained that she spent her life looking for love. Her mother died when she was young and her father was materialistic and uncaring towards other. She then turned to a reckless life as a substitute for love.

Dolores went on to say that she would ride motorcycles with strange men. Other times, she would dance in clubs. Dolores stated that she tried anything to distract her from her miserable life. She remembered sitting around with three other men while they all drank.

Because she was lonely Dolores joined a cult. She felt a sense of kinship with them. She explained that she didn't really believe in the occult and agreed to be Satan's bride for fun. It was there that she found the love she had always been looking for.

Dolores Berates Hunters DSD

Dolores knelt next to the open grave of her son. She stands and left. As she did she berated the three for wanting only hate and vengeance. The three hunters stood in silence as she went.

New Developments

They took Hans home, or perhaps left him in the car, and picked up Elijah. The three of them then wandered the streets of Boston looking for either Dracula or Janus.

Frank Rachel See Human Dracula DSD

Rachel spotted Dracula then stopped the other two. The Count calmly walked towards them and passed without even acknowledging the hunters. The three turned to watch Dracula as he stumbled down the street. Oddly, Elijah did not react at all. Confused, Rachel and Frank turned to each other.

Hunters Tell Hans DSD

The three of them returned to Hans' mansion. Hans said they looked as though they had seen a ghost. Frank explained that they had just seen Dracula but neither the Count nor Elijah reacted. Rachel theorized that he was no longer a vampire.

Han doubted that since he had never heard of such a thing. Frank explained that they followed him to the train station where he left for New York City. Hans was shocked and decided to pay close attention.

The four of them went to New York to find the fiend. The group managed to track Dracula down to the Restaurant King near 75 St. and watched him enter.

Dracula Eats Burger DSD

Hans was shocked to find Dracula wanting normal human food, like a hamburger. He also acknowledged that Elijah no longer seemed to sense Dracula's evil presence.

Rachel suggested that without his powers, that it was the perfect chance to kill the Count. Hans pointed out that if he was not a vampire they would be considered ordinary murderers. They could be convicted and sent to prison.

Hunters Follow Dracula DSD

They watched from afar as Dracula sat at a table and ate his burger. Eventually, Frank and Elijah left, presumably to take shifts. When Dracula left Rachel and Hans followed.

They followed him to a park and passed several street vendors. They saw Dracula spot a couple and follow them. Rachel and Hans followed Dracula following the strange couple to an apartment. They waited outside while Dracula went in.

Eventually, they saw a vampire bat flew out of a window. Dracula ran out of the building asking for the vampire to return. Unbeknownst to the hunters, this was the one that had committed the murders in the city while Dracula was in Boston. The vampire said good bye and left. Dracula then collapsed onto the ground.

The Heavenly light appeared once again. Dracula looked up to see the hawk approach and become Dracula. The Count accepted his fate and asked that his death be quick. Janus explained that he was tasked with destroying the servants of Lucifer. But as long as Dracula was mortal he could not harm him.

Dracula explained that he saw Dolores use the Heavenly power, knowing how powerful it was. Janus reassured him that he would use his power against his father should he ever become a vampire again.

Dracula then stood and fixed his cape. He said that he had to try as he could not accept the thought of death. He then thought he could find the solution back in Transylvania and walked past Janus. The son just stood there and watched him go.

Hans and Rachel overheard it all and he suggested they follow. He knew that the other vampires there could infect him.

End Game

Hunters Last Meeting DSD

Rachel, Frank, and Hans travelled to Transylvania and went to Castle Dracula. The three decided to set a trap for the ancient villain to finally end him once and for all.

Rachel Tag Along DSD

Once outside the castle, Hans explained his plan to them. He planned to use his various technological tricks to weaken Dracula. He told them how nothing up to that point had worked in defeating Dracula. He also had a trump card that he did not want to reveal. Hans ordered the two to not interfere as he had to do it alone. Rachel felt he couldn't do it alone and Frank agreed.

Hans reiterated that his plan was the only way. He then realized that the two thought he was crazy. He reassured them that he knew what he was doing. Rachel agreed and Has turned to enter the castle. That was the last time they ever saw Hans.

Rachel Frank Watch Dracula DSD

Eventually, the Count walked up the ruined stairs of his castle. Rachel and Frank watched him and shrunk down behind some rubble. Dracula walked past them without notice. They continued watching as he entered the large entrance.

Frank Stops Rachel DSD

Rachel readied her crossbow but Frank stopped her. She wondered why she should since she could easily kill him. Frank reminded her that Hans had a plan for him and was waiting inside the castle.

Rachel and Frank faced each other hoping that Hans' plan would work.

Frank Rachel Knocked Down DSD

Eventually, an explosion destroyed the castle erupting it into flames. Frank and Rachel were knocked back by the force of the blast. They looked up to see the castle in flames and in further ruin. Sections of it began to crumble in on itself.

Hunters Win DSD

Rachel realized that Hans' plan was to sacrifice himself to destroy Dracula. Sad that her teacher, mentor, leader, and friend was dead she turned to Frank for comfort. She turned to him and hugged him.

Presumably, she and Frank returned to the United States of America, possibly starting a life together.

Equipment and Abilities

Rachel Crossbow Crouch DSD

Rachel Van Helsing has no powers or out of the ordinary abilities at all. To fight the forces of darkness, Rachel has become a master in the art of vampire killing. She knows all the proper ways to kill a vampire including a stake or arrow to the heart and the use of crosses.

Her particular skill is in wielding a crossbow. She is quite the skilled marksman and can easily hit or trap a moving target. She can also reload her crossbow much quicker than usual.


Rachel is a no-nonsense kind of person. She takes her role as a vampire hunter very seriously, almost to the point of obsession and exclusion of other activities. She is dedicated to the ideal of avenging her great-grandfather who died fighting vampires. She wanted nothing more than to destroy the man who killed her ancestor. Because of this, it is unknown what she chose to do after Hans had killed Dracula.

Rachel Threatens Frank DSD

Additionally, she does not appreciate those who take things lightly, such as Frank. Since she was such a dedicated person, she was unable to understand why someone like Frank, who knew full well about Dracula and vampires, would so easily turn his back on helping humanity and stopping the villain.

Rachel is a caring person. She cares about protecting humanity and stopping terrible threats. She did notice goodness in Dolores and wondered why she would associate herself with a known fiend such as the cult and especially Dracula.


Hans Harker

Rachel Hans DSD

Hans was presumably Rachel's mentor and teacher in the ways of vampire hunting. She learned much from him, including the stories of her great-grandfather. She probably spent many years learning from him, becoming like a father to her. The two were quite close and she looked up to him. She defended him against naysayers and did whatever he wished regardless of her personal feelings. Rachel was particularly hard hit by her death.

Frank Drake

Frank Kisses Rachel DSD

At first, Rachel was disgusted by Frank. She saw him as an arrogant, egotistical, and selfish person only out for himself. She did not like that he only concerned himself with matters of money and personal gain. Matters were only made worse when he forced himself on her.

However, over the months after their meeting Rachel got over her initial hostilities and the two became friends. After Hans' death, he was the only other person in her life and she looked to him for comfort.


Rachel Van Helsing was voiced by Melanie McQueen.

So far, this is the only version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Abraham Van Helsing had lived through killing Dracula, as he did in the Bram Stoker novel. Rachel and the others were ready for the Count because he had come back to life so many times before.

She had a brother who died before her parents were killed by Dracula.

Rachel was partnered with a mute man named Taj Nital, not Quincy/Hans, when she found Frank in London, not Boston. She also saved him from killing himself after Dracula turned his girlfriend into a vampire and his friend into a human slave.

Rachel and Frank became lovers. However, after Quincy/Hans death they separated because of his feelings of inadequacy and her emotional inhibitions.

Eventually, Dracula turned Rachel into a vampire and fought the X-Men. She eventually broke from his control and killed him though this was temporary. Disgusted at what she was, she asked Wolverine to kill her. Frank avenged her eventually.

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