Pyro PXM
Alternate Identity Pyro
Powers and Abilities Manipulate Fire
Team Affiliations Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists
Pyro is from the Non MAU "Pryde of the X-Men" episode.

Pyro is a mutant who is part of the Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists.


Pryo joined Magneto's Brotherhood to help him take over the world. He was joined by White Queen, Juggernaut, Blob, and Toad.

After being released from prison Magneto sets a plan into motion. He sent Pryo and Blob to the Deep Space Observatory to distract the X-Men while he and Juggernaut attack the Xavier Mansion to acquire the Mutant Power Circuit. It works and the X-Men depart leaving Xavier and Kitty Pryde behind.

Blob and Pyro took the people at the Observatory hostage. The X-Men flew in the Blackbird to the Observatory while Pyro is acquiring the tracking coordinates for the Scorpio Comet. The X-Men arrive and Colossus attempts to attack Blob without success. Pyro attacks the heroes but Storm counters with wind. When the fires die down there are no sign of either villain.

Inside Asteroid M Magneto tells Toad to put the circuit into their computer, and then swatting away a small dragon. Toad does so then chases the small dragon away.

Xavier then uses his powers to find discover what Magneto is doing. On Asteroid M Magneto has successfully installed the Mutant Power Circuit and is diverting the Scorpio Comet towards Earth. It will kill most of the human race so that mutants can rule.

Magneto watches on a monitor while Cyclops blasts his way through the airlock. Magneto sends the Brotherhood after them, after swatting away a small dragon.

The X-Men encounter Pyro so Dazzler decides to take him on and the X-Men go on without her.

After the comet had been diverted towards the asteroid Magneto gathered his Brotherhood and left before they were all destroyed.


Fire Cage PXM

Fire manipulated into a cage

Pyro has the ability to manipulate flame by shaping it as he desires, increasing or decreasing its heat, intensity, and size. He cannot actually create fire himself, however, and consequently wears a specially insulated costume with a built-in flamethrower that can throw a stream of flame. He can psionically manipulate the flame to do whatever he desires.


Pryo is voiced by Pat Fraley. Fraley also voiced Major Glenn Talbot on The Incredible Hulk.

Pyro's real name is not revealed in the episode. In the comics it is St. John Allerdyce.

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