Puppet Master
Puppet Master FFWGH
Real Name Phillip Masters
Alternate Identity Puppet Master
Powers and Abilities Mind and Body Control
Family and Friends Alicia Masters (Step-Daughter)

Phillip Masters, better known as Puppet Master is a supervillain who controls other people with clay. He is the step-father of Alicia Masters.


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When the beach he collects clay from was contaminated by debris from the space station the Fantastic Four got their powers from, Phillip realized that he could control whomever he sculpted with this special clay.

Originally testing the new clay on Reed Richards and embarrassing him in front of the media. He then controlled Thing and began kidnapping award winning artists who he believed were overrated in their field. He then had Ben kidnap his step-daughter Alicia so they could revel in his glory. She betrayed him and led the Fantastic Four to his workshop where they eventually defeated him by destroying his puppets.

He managed to sneak some of his cosmic clay into his cell, one day hoping to break free and exact his revenge on those who have wronged him.


Puppet Master was voiced by Alvin Sanders.

Was made African-American to follow the movie-inspired redesign of Alicia. Though not entirely necessary since they are not blood related.

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