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Puppet Master
Puppet Master.jpg
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Puppet Master
Powers and Abilities Can control people through Neurokinetic Clay puppets
Allies "Slash" Curtis
"Bull" Donavon
"Skink" Lomas
Family and Friends Alicia Masters (Step-Daughter)

The man known only as Puppet Master was a villain who could control other people through neurokinetic clay puppets of them. He has a blind step-daughter named Alicia Masters.


The early history of Puppet Master is unknown.

At some point he married a woman who had a daughter named Alicia, who became his step-daughter. However, Puppet Master had little regard for the girl and treated her with disdain.

He witnessed the first adventures of the Fantastic Four as he tried to use his puppet to make a man fall off the Queensboro Bridge. He captured Invisible Woman and had Alicia dress up like her. He then controlled Thing to make him attack the other members of the Fantastic Four. He then used the clay to control "Slash" Curtis, "Bull" Donavon, and "Skink" Lomas to cause a prison riot. The Fantastic Four stopped the riot and he fled. He reappeared with a special puppet that would make him ruler of the world. However, he accidentally fell out of the window and disappeared. He was never seen nor mentioned again.


Puppet Master was voiced by Neil Ross.

In the Comics

His real name is Phillip Masters though this is not used in the series.

He deeply cares for Alicia and often puts her happiness above his own.

His powers are limited to controlling one person at a time and only at a certain distance.

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