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Real Name Frank Castle
Alternate Identity Punisher
Powers and Abilities Various Weapons, Battle Van
Allies Chip

Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher, is a violent vigilante seeking to right the wrongs of society.


He is known for his violent methods and his high tech weapons, including his Battle Van. He works with Chip who monitors him through his computer. His iconic symbol is a large white skull on his chest.

Punisher went to New York City thinking that Spider-Man was behind a string of attacks at Empire State University. Later he would be convinced of this when Spider-Man mutated into Man-Spider. He later was captured and taken to the parking garage at the World Trade Center. With help of Kraven the Hunter and Mariah Crawford Spider-Man was cured. He later returned and thought that Peter Parker was the Green Goblin and he kidnapped Mary Jane Watson. He then captured Harry Osborn but wanted to know what Peter knew about Mary Jane's disappearance. Just then Mary Jane's clone appeared and Punisher let him go.

He inspired a video game called Assassin, which helped Bishop remember his purpose for coming back into the past.

Mojo used Punisher as a template to create a robot to fight Wolverine and Jean Grey.


Punisher was voiced by John Beck.

Like Carnage, the comic book version of Punisher is far more violent than his series counterpart, due to censor issues. He is one of the few superheroes willing to kill. Though he uses non-lethal means in the series, his violent history is alluded to by Joseph Robertson as to why J. Jonah Jameson can't make a hero out of him.

Punisher appeared in concept art for the unproduced series Daredevil.

In the Comics

Frank was a soldier in the Vietnam War for four years.

His wife and children were killed after observing a mob hit. In the series the reason for their death is unspecified.

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