Pumpkin Bomb
Real Name Pumpkin Bomb
Powers and Abilities Gas
Team Affiliations Oscorp Industries
Allies Hobgoblin
Green Goblin
Harry Osborn
Family and Friends Goblin Glider
Goblin Wing
Razor Bats
Smart Bombs

A Pumpkin Bomb is a grenade-like weapon used by the three Goblins.


There are three different types of pumpkin bombs.

  • Gas: Releases a cloud of gas that can knock a person out or be used to block sight.
  • Concussion: To cause damage by shock alone.
  • Fragmentation: Sends out small pieces of shrapnel to destroy a certain radius around the device.

When thrown, the stem/fuse ignites and eventually explodes.


The pumpkin bomb was developed by Norman Osborn of Oscorp Industries for the supervillain Hobgoblin.

As with the rest of Hobgoblin's motif, it follows a Halloween theme. The bombs themselves resemble Jack-o'-Lanterns.

When Norman became the Green Goblin he also used the bombs. Harry Osborn used them when taking up his father's mantle.

Peter Parker once stumbled upon a cache of Goblin weapons, but was followed by the Punisher. He used one of the bombs to flee from the vigilante.

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