Prowler SMITSV
Real Name Aaron Davis
Alternate Identity Prowler
Family and Friends Jefferson Davis (Brother)
Miles Morales (Nephew)
Prowler is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Aaron Davis is a criminal using the name Prowler.


Miles Aaron SMITSV

As Prowler, he once fought Spider-Man and chased after a young boy dressed as Spider-Man.


Prowler is voiced by Mahershala Ali.

Aaron is modeled after Ali.

The second version of Aaron Davis in film, and the first to be Prowler. The first version was played by Miles Morales actor Donald Glover.

The post credits scene for Venom, features Miles escaping from Prowler. It was proceeded with the title card "Meanwhile, in another universe..." indicating that the two movies may exist in the same multiverse.

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