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Prowler SMITSV.jpeg
Real Name Aaron Davis
Alternate Identity Prowler
Powers and Abilities Prowler Suit
Team Affiliations Alchemax
Family and Friends Jefferson Davis (Brother)
Miles Morales (Nephew)
Prowler is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Aaron Davis is a criminal using the name Prowler.


Aaron and his nephew Miles

When he was younger Aaron Davis used to be close to his brother Jefferson Davis. However, the two of them ended up drifting apart. Jefferson became a police officer and started a family. However, Aaron was seen by his brother as being irresponsible. Arron was very close with his nephew Miles Morales.

Secretly Aaron was a costumed criminal called the Prowler who worked for the Kingpin. Aaron, as the Prowler, fought Spider-Man when he tried to shut down Kingpin's Super Collider. Prowler was present when Kingpin killed Spider-Man. Miles also witnessed Kingpin kill Spider-Man. As Miles ran off Kingpin heard him and ordered Prowler to kill Miles. Prowler was unaware that it was his own nephew that he was chasing. However, Miles did manage to escape.

Later Miles met other spider people from across the multiverse who banded together to stop Kingpin from powering up the Super Collider and destroying New York City. When Miles started to fell the pressure of the responsibility of helping to stop the Super Collider and save the multiverse, he went to Aaron's apartment to talk to him. However, when Miles got there Aaron wasn't home. A short time later someone was coming into the apartment threw the fire escape. Miles saw that is was the Prowler and he turned himself invisible. Miles was shocked to learn that the Prowler was really his uncle Aaron when he removed his mask. Miles left the apartment but he was spotted by Aaron who chased after him. However, Miles was able to escape.

Peni Parker created an override key to shut down the Super Collider. However, Prowler, Doctor Octopus, Scorpion and Tombstone tracked the Spider-Gang to May Parker's house and fought them. Miles got the override key and went to the roof of May's house to escape. However, Prowler followed Miles and grabbed him. Prowler nearly killed Miles until Miles removed his mask and told Prowler that he knew he was his Uncle Aaron. Kingpin who was nearby communicated with Prowler through an earpiece and ordered him to kill Miles. However, when Aaron refused to kill Miles, Kingpin shot Aaron in the back and severely injured him. Miles web slinged away with Aaron to a nearby alley. There Aaron apologized to Miles for everything he had done as the Prowler. As Aaron died Jefferson came onto the scene and saw Spider-Man over a body. Jefferson pulled his gun and ordered Spider-Man to surrender. However, Miles turned invisible and got away. Jefferson was distraught when he discovered that the dead man was Aaron and believed that Spider-Man was responsible since he saw Miles standing over him. Jefferson then put an APB out for Spider-Man.


Prowler is voiced by Mahershala Ali.

Aaron is modeled after Ali.

The second version of Aaron Davis in film, and the first to be Prowler. The first version was played by Miles Morales actor Donald Glover.

The post credits scene for Venom, features Miles escaping from Prowler. It was proceeded with the title card "Meanwhile, in another universe..." indicating that the two movies may exist in the same multiverse.

Snikt (Sony Universe).png

When Prowler chases Miles Morales through the subway he extends the claws in his glove and the word "snikt" briefly appears on screen. In the comics, snikt is the written sound effect used for when Wolverine extends his adamantium claws.

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