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Real Name Hobie Brown
Alternate Identity Prowler
Powers and Abilities Technological Suit
Allies Iceberg
Richard Fisk

Hobie Brown, also known as Prowler, was a petty crook who gained some high-tech abilities from Kingpin.


Hobie wanted power. Unfortunately, he was a petty crook working for a relatively small crime lord named Iceberg. However, Hobie was not satisfied with his cut. He started stealing from Iceberg but was caught. Iceberg tried to kill him so he ran. He also found that his girlfriend got tired of his ways and fell for another man.

He found a couple, Mary Jane Watson and her fiance Peter Parker, and grabbed her purse. However, the superhero Spider-Man appeared and caught him. He was then sent to prison for his crimes.

While he was in jail he met a man named Richard Fisk. He saved the man from some people attacking him. Soon after, some hot shot lawyer helped get Hobie released.

He then met Richard's father, Wilson Fisk. Fisk gave him a powerful suit that Hobie used as Prowler.

Prowler confronted Iceberg, defeated him, and turned him into his servant. However, the suit required constant recharging and would shock Hobie if he delayed. Additionally, Kingpin would only recharge the suit if Hobie worked for him.

Prowler found Peter and asked for his help, thinking he would know how to contact Spider-Man. He told him his story of how he got there.

Spider-Man appeared and found that the suit would shock him if he disobeyed Kingpin, and the belt would explode if it was tampered with. Together the two fought Kingpin and got the belt off.

Afterwards, Hobie gave up his life of crime so he could have a good, normal life.


Prowler was voiced by Tim Russ.

First version of the character outside the comics.

This is the only animated version of Hobie as Prowler. Hobie Brown appeared on The Spectacular Spider-Man but not as Prowler. Prowler appeared on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as the Ultimate version Aaron Davis.

In the Comics

He turned to crime after getting fired from his window washing job.

While Prowler, he was caught and unmasked by Spider-Man. Realizing he was just a misguided kid, he convinced Hobie to become a model citizen.

He once wore a Spider-Man costume to help protect Spider-Man's dual identities.

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