Real Name Kevin MacTaggert
Alternate Identity Proteus
Mutant X
Powers and Abilities Reality Warping
Family and Friends Joseph MacTaggert (Father)
Moira MacTaggert (Mother)

Kevin MacTaggert, also known as Proteus and Mutant X, is a powerful mutant and the son of Joseph and Moira MacTaggert.


When Kevin was a boy, his father Joseph found out that his son had mutant powers and as such became cold, neglectful and dismissive towards he family. Joseph would go onto marry again and raise another family; leaving Moira to raise the boy on her own.

Kevin's mutant powers emerged early and Moira realized he had extremely destructive abilities. To protect others and to try and treat him, Moira kept him contained on Muir Island for years. Without a father's love and guidance and the lack of social interaction, Kevin became bitter. Kevin blamed Moira feeling she did not give his father a chance. Eventually, Kevin wanted to see his father and escaped.

Moira contacted the X-Men for assistance to help stop Proteus. The team came to Moira's aid without delay. They subsequently fought the boy who focused on Wolverine causing him to mentally break down. Kevin found out that his father was a politician running for office. Kevin also found out about his father's other family and became further embittered.

Kevin went to a meeting hall where Joseph was speaking. Charles Xavier tried to reason with him, but Kevin felt he was just stalling him. Proteus finally found his father, who thought Kevin was merely a trick to ruin him. When his father told him to leave Kevin lost control. Xavier eventually calmed him down by being able to bond with him. He returned to his normal human form and his father made up with him. After this, Kevin was put under Banshee's care to be tutored.


Proteus was voiced by Stuart Stone.

Currently the only version of the character outside the comics. Though the character of Takeo Sasaki from Marvel Anime: X-Men is partially inspired by Proteus combined with Legion.

In the Comics

He is portrayed as more evil while the series makes him more childlike.

Proteus kills those he possesses and leaves.

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