Real Name Pooyetah
Team Affiliations Inuit
Allies Logan
Family and Friends Kiyoek

Pooyetah is an Inuit tribal elder.


Pooyetah lived in a small fishing tribe in the Baffin Island region of Canada. He eventually became the tribe's elder. Many of their younger people wanted to go to the city and live but they remained with the old ways.

One day, Pooyetah along with Kiyoek and two others found a man nearly frozen on a block of ice in the bay. They brought him back and nursed him to health. The man, named Logan, offered help. He went fishing with Kiyoek but Logan outperformed his fellow tribesman.

Soon after, a large man named Sabretooth kidnapped everyone in the village and destroyed their homes. Sabretooth tied the villagers to an ice bridge along with several bombs. Logan and Kiyoek arrived and saved them. Afterwards, Pooyetah decided to head to the city while calling Logan his friend.

It is unknown what happened with him and the tribe afterwards.


Pooyetah's voice actor is unknown.

He is an original character to the series.

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