Pixie WXM
Alternate Identity Pixie
Powers and Abilities Wings
Allies Nightcrawler
Pixie is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.

Pixie is a mutant.


Physical Therapy
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Pixie was among several mutants who decided to immigrate to the mutant-friendly island nation of Genosha. Since it was difficult to get transportation there, she was forced to pay a ship, the Avalon, to take her there. Unfortunately, the mutants being transported were poorly treated and not given food nor blankets. Luckily, the former X-Man Nightcrawler gave them what they needed.

When the sailors found out about their missing items, they forced the mutants onto the main deck and threatened to throw them overboard. Nightcrawler stopped them, but at that time the Reavers showed up. They kidnapped some of the mutants but left Pixie and several others aboard the sinking ship while the crew abandoned them.

Nightcrawler saved them and together the group defeated Spiral and the others. The reformed X-Men showed up and offered to take Nightcrawler back, but he wanted to make sure they made it to Genosha.

They arrived in Genosha and Pixie went off on her own way.

Unfortunately, Sentinels attacked the nation with orders to wipe out the nation. She was caught in the attack and it is unknown if she was captured, injured, or even killed.


Pixie was voiced by Kate Higgins.

The first version of the character outside the comics.

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