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Phoenix Force.jpg
Real Name Phoenix Force
Alternate Identity Jean Grey
Black Queen
Powers and Abilities Matter manipulation, Space travel, Enhances all of Jean Grey's powers
Team Affiliations X-Men
Inner Circle Club
Allies Shi'ar
Imperial Guard
For other uses of Phoenix, see Phoenix (Disambiguation).

The Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic energy. It is charged with the protection of the M'Kraan Crystal.


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It was tasked with protecting the M'Kraan Crystal. It found Jean Grey and possessed her after she apparently sacrificed her life to protect the X-Men. It put her in a coma forcing Jean into a hospital. Phoenix then got the X-Men to help her help Lilandra of the Shi'ar stop her brother and take control of the Empire. It then sent the M'Kraan Crystal into a star to protect it. However, it took Jean with it causing grief to Cyclops and Wolverine. Phoenix then returned to Earth but wouldn't leave Jean. Her emotions overwhelmed Phoenix and it wanted to experience more. Jean became jealous when Cyclops spent time with Dazzler. It then joined the Inner Circle Club as the Black Queen but fought against the group. It defeated the X-Men and went out into space calling attention to Uatu, Doctor Strange, and Thor. It destroyed a star system causing the Shi'ar to confer with the Skrull and Kree about killing Jean and the Phoenix. The X-Men got Phoenix under control but they were confronted by the Imperial Guard. Charles Xavier issued a challenge for Jean's life so his team fought the Guard. Most of the X-Men were defeated but Phoenix stopped them all. However, Jean was apparently killed. Phoenix left her body and told all there that together they could restore her life. The X-Men agreed and Jean was alive again.


Phoenix, like Jean Grey, was voiced by Catherine Disher.

In the Comics

Phoenix actually did kill a planet full of people. It then destroyed the Shi'ar ship rather than disable it. In the final battle, Jean Grey sacrifices herself to stop the Phoenix. Phoenix was originally meant to be an extension of Jean's powers. It was later retconned to become a separate entity so that Jean could come back to life without guilt. The series was made with this change in mind.

Phoenix has also possessed Charles Xavier. Rachel Summers, seen in the alternate Age of Apocalyse universe, does possess an alternate Phoenix but this is not directly stated in the series.

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