Peter Parker
Spider-Peter SMITSV
Real Name Peter Parker
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Powers and Abilities Wallcrawling
Enhanced Strength, Durability, and Agility
Web Shooter
Allies Miles Morales
Gwen Stacy
Family and Friends May Parker (Aunt)
Peter Parker is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Peter Parker is a superhero known as Spider-Man.


Peter journeyed to another universe and met a boy named Miles Morales who was taking up the mantle of Spider-Man following the death of that universe's Peter.

Alternate Versions

Peter Parker Grave SMITSV

In Miles home universe, the version of Peter Parker was killed.

In another universe, Peter is a superhero in a noir-like world.

There's another universe where Peter is a pig-creature.

In yet another universe, his counterpart is a young girl named Peni.


Peter is voiced by Jake Johnson.

The post credits scene for Venom, features Miles going to Peter Parker's grave, knocking out the other Peter, and trying to escape the police with the second Peter's unconscious body. It was proceeded with the title card "Meanwhile, in another universe..." indicating that the two movies may exist in the same multiverse.

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