Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts AEMH
Real Name Pepper Potts
Family and Friends Tony Stark
James Rhodes
Pepper Potts is from the Non MAU series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Pepper Potts is the personal assistant to Tony Stark.


Pepper Pott's early history is largely unknown. At some point she went to work for Tony Stark. Though it is unknown if this was before or after Stark donned armor to become the superhero as Iron Man.

Pepper works in Stark Tower and her duties include coordinating Tony's life and quite probably running Stark's company while he saves the world. During this time she became friends with James Rhodes.

One day Pepper was watching the news when she saw that the terrorist group HYDRA was attacking the United Nations. She began calling Tony for twenty episodes but he wouldn't answer his phone. He had been discussing a battle he had with a giant robot in California with Rhodey on the freeway.

Pepper Blows Hair AEMH

Waiting for the boss to show up late...again.

She had been growing annoyed that Tony made a living on technology but ignored it when she need him. As he neared she waited in the garage for him. She blew some hair out of her face then checked her watch as Tony finally approached.

Tony and Rhodey got out of the car. Tony approached her and jokingly said that she didn't need to park the car as they had valets for that. Tony asked what was wrong and she told him about HYDRA.

They went to his office to watch the news. They watched as a large HYDRA Octopus Robot left the East River and attacked the UN building. It opened the bottom and released a group of HYDRA soldiers. Tony turned it off and moved the large painting down to cover the television.

Tony asked where S.H.I.E.L.D. was and Pepper told him that they were forty minutes away. She then revealed that the UN was in full assembly and had every world leader including the President of the United States of America. Tony then turned to leave. Rhodey asked where he was going and Tony told Pepper to reschedule his lunch meeting.

He then left to don the Mark VI and fly to the UN.

She worried about Tony going on his own against the people who stole his technology as Rhodey told her not to worry.

After the Avengers were formed, Pepper became manager of the Avengers Mansion along with JARVIS. She even has her own Avengers identification card.


Tony Annoys Pepper AEMH

The problem with working for Tony Stark is putting up with Tony Stark

Pepper Potts is a very professional person. She knows what needs to be accomplished and looks to see it done. However, Tony's less-than-serious behavior often makes Pepper's job difficult. This is made even worse thanks to the fact that Tony is often running off to be a superhero.


Tony Pepper Rhodey AEMH

The three musketeers

Tony Stark

As his personal assistant, Tony and Pepper are very close. Though it would appear that Tony wants something more. He maintains a flirtatious relationship, that Pepper ignores for her own reasons. She attempts to keep the relationship as professional as possible.

James Rhodes

Pepper and James are Tony's two closest friends. As such they appear to spend plenty of time together because of Tony. They also comfort each other while Tony is away saving the world.


Pepper Potts is voiced by Dawn Olivieri.

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