Pepper Potts
Pepper Potts (Marvel Superheroes).PNG
Real Name Virginia Potts
Alternate Identity Pepper
Allies Iron Man
Family and Friends Happy Hogan
Pepper Potts is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Pepper Potts is an assistant to Tony Stark.


Pepper had a crush on Tony Stark and often dreamed of marrying him.

When Jack Frost broke into Stark Enterprises he froze Pepper in a block of ice. However, Iron Man thawed Pepper out after her defeated Jack Frost.

When Black Widow manipulated Hawkeye into fighting Iron Man, Hawkeye kidnapped Pepper to lure Iron Man into a trap. However, Hawkeye let Pepper go when he learned that Black Widow was in danger.

When Iron Man was fighting the Black Knight, his armor lost power. Iron Man sent out a distress signal that was received by Pepper. Pepper was able to locate Iron Man and get him back to Stark Enterprises.

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Doug Wildey's designs

Pepper Potts was voiced by Peg Dixon.

She was designed by Doug Wildey.

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