Peg Nuclear Research Facilty.jpg
Real Name Peg
Alternate Identity Assistant
Family and Friends Mitch McCutcheon

Peg is an employee of nuclear research facility in Nevada.


Peg was quite close with her co-worker Mitch McCutcheon, who was disliked by their supervisor, Danny.

When Mitch appeared late at work, she was glad to see him. She then told him that she was going to have a blind date. He apologized to her and explained that he ran into car trouble. Peg then asked Mitch if Danny got on his case again. He got angry saying that he was tired of clock-watching, pencil-pushing poindexters running the place. Peg then comforted him, handed him a clipboard and told him that one day he would get a research where he belonged. She also reminded him that he should learn to love being the operation man and left the conversation.


Peg was voiced by Leeza Miller McGee.

She is the original character to the series.

She has two things in common with Betty Ross. First, her hair is the same as Betty Ross from The Incredible Hulk. Second, she shares the same name as Peg Dixon, who voiced Betty Ross on The Marvel Super Heroes.

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