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Paul Kligman
Paul Kligman
Born Paul Kligman
January 21, 1923
Kingdom of Romania
Died August 29, 1985 (Age 62)
Toronto, Ontario
Characters played Red Skull
Thaddeus Ross
Power Man
Mole Man
J. Jona Jameson
Lee Patterson

Paul Kligman (born January 21, 1923; died August 29, 1985) was an actor who played Red Skull, Thaddeus Ross, Power Man, Mole Man, Krang, and additional voices on The Marvel Super Heroes as well as J. Jona Jameson, Lee Patterson, Harry, DeVargus, Tom, and additional voices on Spider-Man.

He is the first to play Red Skull, General Ross, Power Man, Mole Man, Krang, and J. Jonah Jameson outside the comics.


Other notable works include Playbill, On Camera, Cannonball, Folio, Encounter, Playdate, The Wayne and Shuster Show, Rocket Robin Hood, Reckless Disregard, and Night Heat.

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