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Parade Balloon
Parade Balloons SSM.jpg
Real Name Parade Balloon
Powers and Abilities Floating
Team Affiliations Thanksgiving Day Parade
Parade Balloon is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

A parade balloon is a large inflatable device that is used in parades such as the Thanksgiving Day Parade. They are usually the most notable feature of the parade.

They are filled with helium so they can float. However, this requires that the balloons are held down by many people or else they will float away, often carrying away the few people still holding on. Also, if punctured they can cause near-explosive releases of the air inside.

These humongous balloon are shaped like large characters such as a fish, turkey, pilgrim, gorilla, Statue of Liberty, clown-colored bear, dinosaur, football player, cat, bee, and mustang.

Kenny sure is pulling his weight, literally

Local high schools participating in the parade will have balloons in the shape of their mascots. Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School had the mustang while Wood Oaks High School had their gorilla.

Gwen Stacy Kidnapping

Venom, the villainous combination of Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote, wanted to punish Spider-Man/Peter Parker by hurting those he loved.

Thankful they were able to grab the hand

As Eddie, he kidnapped Gwen Stacy and webbed her to the Wood Oaks gorilla balloon. When Spider-Man tried to save her Venom stopped him. Eventually Spider-Man tricked Venom into scratching the balloon causing it to deflate.

Gwen fell and the Midtown High students used the gorilla's paw to catch her. During the subsequent fight, Spider-Man ripped off part of the gorilla and used it to trap the symbiote.

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