Alternate Identity Oracle
Powers and Abilities Psychic
Team Affiliations Imperial Guard
Allies X-Men
For the device, see Oracle (Device).

Oracle is a psychic and member of the Imperial Guard.


Oracle is an albino and has psychic powers similar to Jean Grey.

Oracle fought the X-Men over the fate of Jean Grey because of the Phoenix Force's actions.

She went up against Jean during their big battle, stunning her initially with her her psionic blast but with a flash of anger reminiscent of Dark Phoenix Jean retaliated and blasted Oracle right out the sky and into Smasher.

Later Oracle flew high above the ruins of the Blue Side of the Moon to scout for any remaining X-Men as the battle had quickly turned against the mutants. Rogue used this opportunity to fly up behind Oracle and attempted to apprehend her.

However the psychic Oracle must've heard Rogue's thoughts as she silently approached and at the last minute Oracle rounded on Rogue and stunned her mind with a psi-bolt, sending a disorientated Rogue slamming into the ruins below.

Later in Season 4 Oracle made an appearance during the second episode of the "Beyond Good and Evil" saga. She and Gladiator were at Lilandra's side to defend her during an attempted coup by her evil sister Warbird.

While Gladiator was distracted with subduing Warbird and her forces Apocalypse was able to step through an inter dimensional portal and snatch Oracle. She was later saved by the X-Men, Bishop, and Cable.


Only version of the character outside the comics.

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