Alternate Identity Ogress
Powers and Abilities Incredible Strength and Durability
Team Affiliations Gamma Warriors
Allies Leader
Family and Friends Hulk (Genetic Basis)

Ogress is one of the Gamma Warriors, clones of the Hulk who work for Leader.


Physical Therapy
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Leader got a hair of the Hulk to create a group of clones. Ogress was one of them.

Ogress was strong enough to defeat Thing and was able to hold her own against She-Hulk or a relatively calm Hulk, but not against a fully enraged Hulk.

Despite her physical deformities, Ogress considered herself beautiful, which caused her to clumsily mess with one of the Leader's plans during a fashion show.


Ogress was voiced by Kathy Ireland.

Ogress was the only named Gamma Warrior, though the toyline named other two as Chainsaw and Two-Head.

Ogress was the only Gamma Warrior with ability to speak.

This is currently the only version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

Her real name is Diane Davids. She is a Gamma-mutated woman, formerly a lawyer, instead of a clone.

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